If I have a probelem w/ a NAD


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will I get a new unit or will my dealer send it the manufacturer and force me to wait? Just bought it 5 months ago and my left front speaker doesn't work in any of the digital modes (only stereo). My suspicions are that I will need to replace the dsp board.

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I guess it depends on the dealer and the relation you have with him/her. If it is a specialty store they will tend to be more flexible than your typical consumer electronics store. On the other hand, after 5 months they will probably have it services under warranty.

I'm having problems myself with my T752 receiver and in classic example of Murphy's Law at his best, it all happened four days after the 2-year warranty expired..............

The dealer who sold me the NAD is trying to help in having the unit repaired under warranty, although I have a bad feeling about it. I'm taking the T752 to the dealer tomorrow and they will work with the service center to get it fixed.

F.Y.I., in my case it seems all the control electronics went out of its mind. If I use the OSD, the whole receiver often freezes after displaying garbage on the screen and I have to shut the unit down using the main power switch.
Sometime, when I cycle through the audio modes (Stereo, Dolby, EARS, etc.) it goes into stand-by on its own, as if I had pushed the "OFF" button on the remote. The strangest things of all is that the main display on the unit itself shows "corrupted" text. For instance, if I adjust the center channel, it diplays "Renter", instead of "Center", or "Aurr" instead of "Surr" if I adjust the Surround channels level.

I tried a full "reboot", but it didn't help. You may want to try it, though, just in case.
You perform a reset to factory setting pushing at the same time the "Video" input selector button and the "Tone Defeat" button for 5 seconds and then let them go.
After that shut the unit off from the main power switch and turn it on again. Be aware that you will lose all settings, including the FM presets.

Good luck.


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I can't get my ir out outputs to work on my nad t762 reciever to work is there some setup that I don't know about?

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NAD seems to have a lot of the 'defective' receiver problems. Hopefully, they'll get their act together.

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I have a NAD T752 and have a litle noise. The software is 1.20. Peharps we solve it doing an upgrade to 1.22.

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Gualter, forget it. Your problem will not be solved with an upgrade. That noise is a common problem to most NAD recievers.
Software upgrades usually bring features or small menu changes. However if you can do the upgrade on the spot than do it otherwyse I don't think it's a benefit over not having your sound for 4 weeks...

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I had the same types of problems on my Nad T752 but luckily have been able to fix them myself. Try running a test tone from the receiver test tone generator through the left speaker. If you can hear the pink noise then you probably have a short somewhere. I found loose screws on the back of my receiver and tightned them to fix problem one time. Also a loose or bad cable to any of the speakers including sub can cause the problem also.

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I perform a reset to factory setting and tightned screws on the back of my receiver, but noise is remained. And then!
I disconnect all the digital and video entrances except the DVD and the noise reduced. Thus, disconnect everything that is not used in menu.
The maximum volume is +18 Db, but if to increase the levels channels, the maximum volume is reduced for an inferior value and makes to increase the noise. Then, regulate the levels channels for minimum.
thanks to all.

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From what I have heard, the best way to eliminate the buzzing and hissing sounds from the NAD receiver is to unplug it from the wall.

Good luck.....

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Paul, you have reason. Therefore, I go to change the receiver, for Denon 2805 or Marantz 5500. The Rotel also has the same problem (RSX - 1056).Peharps de Denon, my speakers are B&W serie 600 and work well with Denon.
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