Real nice speakers and sub sitting around, worth anything?


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Here's the thing. I had a Panasonic SC-AK520 that worked fine. It was pretty high-powered, and the sub was good and the speakers sounded good. Until one day, I had it sitting in the garage while working on my car...I went in for a 10 minute break, and in that time someone went in and kicked the crap outta the main part. So it's dead.

But the speakers and sub are untouched.
The speakers are 3-way and are pretty decent, and the sub is okay. It's not a $50 sub but the speakers altogether probably are $100 of the entire unit's pricetag. Are these worth anything? Would people buy them?

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Maybe a charity could make a few bucks at a jumble sale. Just a thought.

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"...I went in for a 10 minute break, and in that time someone went in and kicked the crap outta the main part. So it's dead."

You might want to consider some other "car working" music, Doc.


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Speakers and subs that come with minisystems are total junk, sorry---that's always where the manufacturer cuts the most corners.

I don't mean to be insulting in the least, but the truth is you should consider yourself lucky if you manage to sell both the speakers and sub for about $60 to some high school kid who doesn't know any better. Also check to see if the sub can work with ANY system---a lot of these minisystem subs nowadays have 2 cables, one for the signal and one to sync with the volume control. If that's the case, it won't work with anything other than the same model minisystem.

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Doc, y'all gotta move uptown and avoid all this stuff.
Toss all that crap ya got, get a groovin' system and lock your doors.
And get a mechanic for that car.
Just a thought, no harm intended.


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Hmm..oh well, I guess that's how it goes.
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