Yamaha RX-V2500 vs/ HTR-5890


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I'm in the typical shopping dillemma, and am currently leaning towards Yamaha and the two choices mentioned in the subject line.

In shopping, $$ does count, though not as much as when I was a kid...heh. I don't mind paying the extra if it is justified, but for a gimmick or 2 I'll never miss, I'd just assume save the bucks.

First off, I noticed this on the Yamaha web site:

"What Is The Difference Between The RX-V Line And The HTR Line?

There are many similarities between these two product lines. The RX-V line and the HTR line are produced in the same Yamaha factory using the same high quality parts throughout. The RX-V and equivalent HTR models have the same warranty periods, the same manufacturer's suggested retail price, the same features, and the same remote control units.

There is a cosmetic difference found on the front panels of these two lines. The RX-V line maintains the traditional white colored lettering normally found on most Yamaha components, while the HTR line provides a slightly different approach. Yamaha has created a new look by using gold colored lettering in selected areas on the HTR receiver series. However, both the RX-V line and the HTR line feature the same high quality front panel construction.

The amplifiers in the HTR and RX-V units are identical but rated differently to comply with the accepted measurement standards of their respective channels of distribution. Both ratings are FTC approved and are designed to handle the dynamics of today's audio and video sources. The RX-V line has the power amplifiers rated from 20-20000 Hz. The HTR line has the power amplifiers rated at 1000 Hz. Both lines can reproduce the full frequency response of 20-20000 Hz.

The RX-V line is typically sold through Yamaha authorized audio/video specialty retailers, and is not available for mail order sales, phone sales, or internet sales."

Paul: Hope you are reading this, as I noticed you mentioned earlier in another thread that the GUI alone was worth the extra $$, but what is the difference between Yamaha's "Setup Menu" on the HTR-5890 and "GUI" on the RX-V2500?

My Current Setup is far from high tech, but hey, I'm trying to move up here:

Pioneer VSX-606s (sucks, hisses in theater modes, and sends a 60cycle hum on subwoofer line level out, I HATE IT, IT MUST GO!)

Velodyne 1512 250W powered sub

Fronts - Custom tuned port 3-way towers, using veefa domes, 15" Vega's & 6" kevlar mid-woofs. Copy of a SpeakerLab design from the 80's, but they have been updated a few times over the years.

Rears: Infinity 6" 2 way bookshelfs

Center - a slightly embarassing Radio-Shack unit, the one that got a decent write up way back when because it uses a wide dispersion ribbon tweeter.

DVD/LD players - A Sony DVP NS325 & a Pioneer LD700

I am also more of a HT guy, but also will use it for music. Any and all serious suggestions are welcome, as to the Receiver, and even what you see in the current setup. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Eric,

i recently went through the exact same *type* of dilemna that you are going through now. although i ended up debating between the Onkyo 702 and the Yamaha HTR 5890.

my guess is that the 5890 is a very new product as i can't find many opinions on it anywhere.

there were quite a few good opinions of the Onkyo 702 here and there and i assume it has been available for some time.

anyways, i ended up going for the Yamaha HTR-5890. i got it for $719.10 with no tax and FREE FedEx shipping from Onecall.com. if you have never used Onecall, let me tell you that they are a wonderful company to do business with! i ordered it this Monday and they shipped it the same day and i had it by Wednesday! i have purchased a lot of Canon camera lenses from them as well and have always been happy with their service.

i have not yet hooked up my new receiver because it is destined for a second home. but i am pretty sure i made a good choice.

i have a feeling you would be happy with the 5890 unless you would rather purchase locally and then the RX-V2500 might make more sense.

good luck!

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I just got an HTR-5890 from inoax for $509 + $29.99 shipping + $20 insurance = $548.99. I ordered it on a Monday and received it Wednesday afternoon via DHL. You should be able to buy an HTR-5890 for $550 versus $700+. Haven't had a chance to hook it up yet, but don't pay an extra $150.

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Hi. If anyone can help, I'm in sort of the same situation. Debating between the RX-V1500 and the HTR-5890. Both cost the same (around $500 at PC Richard & Son in NY) What is the difference (except wattage)? Also, do both have on screen setup? Any advice is appreciated.

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Looks like INOAX does not support Yamaha's warranty, right?

Isn't that risky ?

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Bunny Rabbit

On Inoax's website, for this model it says:

"Enjoy your Shopping
» All products include mfg warranty
» Customer service is always our number one priority
» 100% safe SSL encrypted shopping
» Everything we carry is brand new
» Lists all included accessories
» 14 day hassle free return"

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I guess INOAX is not a authorized dealer as per Yamaha's email I received last week :-(

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Inoax.com expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied for all Pioneer, Harman Kardon, JBL, Samsung, Onkyo, Bose, Denon, Kenwood, and Yamaha prodcuts. Additionally all Pioneer, Harman Kardon, JBL, Samsung, Onkyo, and Yamaha products are not eligible for any rebate offered directly from said corporation(s).
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