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Hi to all and thank you for your guidance and opinions I have read over the past week on this bbs/forum. I am looking for some direction and thoughts with my home theater. I currently have a Velodyne Deco speaker system...spl-800 sub and 5 satellites. The listening room is about 12 by 18 with a 9ft ceiling. The sub needs to go behind the tv in the corner, hence one of the reasons for the smaller Spl-800. The Bass response is outstanding for a sub this size, very musical and tight. Bass is not my problem right now. It is probably my past system that is my problem. I had my previous system for many years and LOVED it. Vandersteen 2c's, Velodyne ULD 15II sub, Vandersteen center and ads 400c's in the rear. I had older HK separates (very high current) for the system with the speakers bi-wired using heavy monster cable. The imaging was incredible and the system was very balanced, BUT it was really just too big and I decided that I needed to go with a sub/smaller satellite system for this room. I listen to a lot of music(wide variety), along with movies/HT.

I like the Velodyne Deco system to a certain extent, but don't feel the satellites are completely what I'm looking for. I currently have a newer Onkyo 6.1 A/V receiver on it, but I bought it as a demo to use temporarily until I could figure out which A/V receiver to get. I have looked at Denon, NAD, and Yamaha. I would love to get the NAD 752?, but it scares the crap out of me with all of the problems they've had. I'd sacrifice a little "sound quality" to have a stable product where I don't have to deal with the potential problems...(I've learned a little balance in life?) I am leaning towards the Yamaha RX-V1400. I feel it gives me the flexibility to build a system around it. (Also, if I'm not 100% happy with the amp section long-term, I'll add a good multi-channel separate amplifier or 2 separate amps...I still have an HK 2 channel amp I might experiment with for the L/R fronts off the Yamaha)

I'm thinking about changing the speaker system to something different and am looking for suggestions to go with the Yamaha...something that images very well for music and movies, yet isn't large in size. For the sub, there are several choices, but what about the satellites? Any suggestions?

Also, one thing I've noticed in reading these forums is that the source doesn't seem to be considered much when discussing A/V receivers and speakers. Doesn't the CD/DVD/Source have a lot to do with the system's overall sound also? With that in mind, could you please suggest a good 5 disc changer? I don't care if it is DVD/CD or just CD. I already have a DVD player and I've heard that there are issues with 5 disc DVD players...I'm not sure if that's true. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your insight and help!

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That speaker system is very good but you might want to look at the Monitor Audio Radius speakers. Both sound very good but the Radius sounds a little more musical. If That is the biggest size sub you can fit then you already have the best but if you can fit big enough then my favorite is the Klipsch RSW10. This powerhouse 10" kills and it goes well with everything.
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