Best Speakers for H/K AVR 430


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I recently purchased an AVR 430. I have speakers hooked up to it right now. But they even far form mediocre. I was wondering what speakers would go well with this receiver. Two brands that I was looking at are Ascend Acoustics and Aperion. I use this receiver to listen to music. Also to play games from x-box and from my computer, and finally movies. The percentages are as follows: 65-70% for music; 30-25% games; and finally ~5% for movies. The type of music I generally listen to is electronica i.e. Massive Attack, Delerium, Hybrid. So very layered and organic electronic music and filled with deep bass lines. This is why I want speakers that are going to have no problem with reproducing the subtleties. For my surrounds which I really don't care much about and temporary sub, I am going to get the HKTS 14 system and use the satellites as my surround speakers. So I really like what I have heard from Ascend and Aperion, however, if any of you feel that you think there are better choices for my receiver please tell me I am open to your opinions and references! Thanks a ton!


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Check out the Klipsch Reference series and Paradigm Performance and Monitor lines as well. Both would sound great with your receiver IMHO.

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If accurate reproduction of musical subtleties is what you're looking for, the Ascends will fit the bill perfectly. Which model are you more interested in, the 170 or the 340? Are you planning on getting a center channel too or just the two mains? Either the 170 or 340 would be fine for mains, though the 340 is more attractive looking and fills up bigger rooms better, but for medium or small rooms the 170s would be fine especially if they are properly elevated on stands or wall-mounted. If you were doing more HT I'd say get the 340 center channel which is phenomenal, but it doesn't sound like you are so the 170 would be more than adequate.

However I would pass on the HKTS14 system even for surrounds? Why? Because you will be stuck with a dismal sub, and the Ascends will sound best with a quality sub. If I were you I would wait on the surround speakers and just invest in a good sub, the $400 that the HKTS14 costs can get you a nice Hsu STF-2 or SVS PB10 which would make your electronica really kick.

If you absolutely must have surrounds RIGHT NOW, then I'd say get the Dayton 10" sub ($143 shipped from and for your surrounds go with the Fluance SV-6 ($120/pair from or the Polk R15 ($100/pair shipped from
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