Marantz or NAD to KEF Q Series


would like it for HT+music. iv heard the Marantz to KEF but not the NAD. the marantz seems pretty clear good for music but did not try with HT. any info would be great. looking for the cinema HT like experience. thanks

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In my view, you generally can't go wrong with either one. I really like both lines of receivers a lot. I chose the NAD because it was more confortable driving low impedence speakers, but with KEFs, that should not be a concern. Both the NAD and the Marantz are very clean, detailed, and yet still have a nice warmth to their sound that makes lietening to music very enjoyable. They also do a superb job of interpreting digital soundtracks, so I recommend both lines of receivers.

However, specifically which NAD and which Marantz are you looking at? Also, which KEFs? It can make a difference.

kef Qseries 1 or 3, i was hoping u could recommend how many watts amp should i acquire in order for me to choose the right model. iv herd that the marantz are over optimistic about their watts, on that basis which marantz should. the NAD have true watts so that is ok. my room is about 27 square meters. is the hk also a top choice if they should be ranked. thanks for the eariler response

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I've been comparing Marantz SR5400, NAD T743 and H/K AVR230. I also have 8 Ohm speakers (coaxial Chorus Mondo 77i - so I dont care that much for 4 Ohm capability.

To sum it up NAD has less features than the others, and it's clearly more expensive than the H/K. Although the NAD feels and looks great and I've always liked the NAD sound. It is also a lot heavier than the competitors. What kind of benefits will I have with the NADs power with 8 Ohm speakers comparing to Marantz? nothing?

What about NADs pre-main loops. What can I do with them if I get an additional stereo power amp for the fronts? T743 doesn't have 7.1 pre-outs so I cant get surround back speakers.

Marantz power ratings are quite correct. SR5400 was measured 5*85W 8Ohm at Home Cinema Choice.
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