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By going to Canada and buying my Paradigm Studio speakers (1 pair 60s, 2 pair 20s, 1 cc-470) I can save a little over $800. Has anyone had experience with this type of transaction? Even paying their %14.5 tax I save a bunch + I get %7 of that back. Also, what about warranty if you buy out of country? Would that be an issue? Thanks-

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Wouldn't the warranty be with the manufacturer not the seller? Will you have to declare them and pay additional duties coming back over the boarder?

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When I visited my sister in Michigan, we took several day trips to Canada to shop, as the cost of the same products seemed much less once the exchange rate was figured. However, she taught me a few tricks, including asking the dealers to ship direct to her home in the US. Not only did it save having to cart the stuff home, by doing so they rebated back the VAT (the 14.5% value added tax). Shipping charges were pretty nominal, too. Seems our friends north of the border have that European attitude of "we can and will ship anywhere in the world to get our goods out there" that I experienced when I lived in Europe. I enjoyed it. So, when you buy the speakers, ask about direct ship. You might find it is no problem and save even more money!

Good luck!

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Thanks for the info Hawk. The place I have been dealing with doesn't ship to the states. The place is called Audio Video Unlimited. Seems to be a chain. There is another place in Vancouver BC that is also an authorized dealer. Maybe I'll see what they have to say.

As far as shipping goes in general, according to my local dealer, Paradigm does not allow their dealers to ship. Example: if I lived in Arizona and wanted to buy from a dealer in Oregon I would have to drive up there to get them because the dealer is not allowed to ship them. Does this seem accurate? Have others out there encountered the same thing?

Also, can anyone give me a clear idea as to the duty paid and the claiming of goods as I come accross the border back into the US? The NAFTA agreement documents and the HTS schedule are pretty confusing. Thanks!
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