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Hello people. I was looking for any reciever thats slimmer than the ones available in stores like the ONkyo TXs or Kardons. The older Onkyos like 805 found on their micro system is small but lack the impedance and power.

How does the home theater work, i mean they have a dvd player and speakers, is the receiver integrated? so is it possible for me to buy such a dvd player. It would save a lot of space.

Any ideas for a small receiver?

Thanks guys.

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Anyone from India... Mr.Merlot could be of help to find a nice receiver in india.

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I need help big time.

Could i buy a dvd player with a integrated amplifier? Any suggestions?

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Always better to buy a separate DVD player, they are so tiny these days anyway.

I have no idea if you can find this in India, but I'd look for one of the all-digital receivers like the Panasonic sa-xr series or the JVC RX-F10. These will be about 1/2 to 1/3 the bulk of your typical big-box receiver.

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Edster is right in saying that anyday it would be better to have a separate DVD Player and Receiver. It might cost u slightly more than the combination you are looking for. However the advantages justify the buying decision. First, you have all the components in the box dedicated to achieve certain goal, whereas in combinations there are certain compromises made to encapsulate both in the same box. Also having separates gives you the option to upgrade any component, whenever you want.
DVD Players are getting slimmer no doubt..but i don't think you would get a slim Receiver !!

Still if you have compelling reasons, then there are many DVD Receivers available one of them being the NAD L70 DVD Receiver which you can check out...
Actually what you buy depends on your budget, your liking of the kind of sound and picture they produce.
However i would still suggest, that unless you have a really compelling reason, try separates.

Wish you luck in your hunting..

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Try the Cambridge Azur 540r. It's quite slim (100mm) but very powerfull 100W rms X 2 or 80W x 6 and beleive me they are there. I had demo at a shop with Mission M34 speakers and I was very impressed with the value proposition!

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I agree with above sentiments. Since we're only talking about a small item that's the size of a breadbox.......

You should design your component space around your components, and not the other way around. Buying a receiver based on it's dimensions, is the worst way to shop.

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its like buying a car based on how many wheels it has or.....buying a phone based on what numbers are on the buttons for john kerry oops sorry ......thats much worse.

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go here

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IS the onkyo LR552 any good? I have been looking at it for a inexpensive, but nice receiver and this one has caught my eye.
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