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I recently purchased both the PE 55txi and the klipsch rsw15 sub. Is it important that I set the sub to specific settings or volume level before I run the automatic eq program through the 55txi?

I have never owned a sub before, and the manual has minimal information re: its features.

Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.

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I have the elite 53tx and I set my sub level to about 3/4 of the way up. I like controlling my bass from the sub rather than with the receiver. Set your sub volume and then run the auto setup. It will turn the sub way down on the receiver but then you can go in and set the sub volume on the receiver to 0. The auto setup will set it to -10. After doing this, go in to the bass peak level and set the volume there until right before your sub starts distorting. This will keep the sub from trying to produce too much bass at higher volumes. I also set my sub to the + in the setup menu because with it set to "yes", it does not produce enough bass for me when listening to music. Hope this helps and is not too confusing. Email me if you have any other questions. My email is Good luck.


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I have the same receiver and sub combo. The 55's auto set-up left very little o/p to the sub. It also incorrectly identified the distance to the sub by almost 10'. No biggie- just went into manual set-up and changed the o/p & distance. That sub ROCKS. Hang on to your butt. By far the deepest o/p from a sub I've experienced. Nice to have a level control on the side of the sub.....
BTW- I have the level control on the rear panel all the way up. The pod race scene from Star Wars had our pant legs flapping.

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Gentlemen, thanks for the help. I have reset the proper distance from the sub, and I have set the receiver sub setting to "plus" and +3.5...anymore than that moves pictures in the next room when as much as a pin drops.

Now, I look forward to some pant leg flapping!
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