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Can anyone interpret the following statement from the owner's manual for the Pioneer DVF727 CD/DVD player?

"In ALL and custom play modes, if any of the discs contain
more than 25 tracks, random play plays the same number of
tracks as the total number of tracks on the discs, but the tracks
with track number 26 or higher are not always played once."

This is Pioneer's response: "It all depends on the CD, If the CD has over 26 tracks on the CD the CD player my repeat and come back and play that song again."

I'm most interested in the part of the statement "random play plays the same number of tracks as the total number of tracks on the discs." Total number of tracks of what discs? All of them? Or just the ones with 26 tracks or more?

Matthew Fleet
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I think what they're saying is with c.d.s with Tracks beyond 25, there is no guarantee that any of the Tracks 25+ will be played just once, while the player is programmed on 'Random'.

In other words you may hear Track 27 twice, before you even hear Track 12 once.

Not sure about Pioneer's ambiguous statement though. I would venture to say "all of them", not "just the ones with 26 tracks or more" if I was a betting man.


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Thanks. That more or less reinforces what one of my more intelligent buddies and I sort of figured out. I think Pioneer could have found a simpler way to state it.
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