T752 sub out is dead


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I have my T752 for almost two weeks. For the first 4 days the operation is normal. On the fifth day the left channel starts to fail. The level is very low. I have to bring its level to +12 and the rest of the channel to -2 to attain a balance pink noise. A day after when I turn it on to watch movie, I again check the channel level and it back to normal. But on the next day, thats 5 days before and up to now, the sub out is dead. The 2 SW out can no longer deliver signal to my subwoofer. Sub level is quite on channel balancing. I checked for loose connections, check cable for shorts but its all fine. I even check my sub by hooking it to audio out of the receiver and its functioning. Could anybody figure out the possible reason? Thanks.

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Sounds like a software glitch to me. Take it to the dealer and make sure you have the latest firmware EPROM installed.

Good luck!

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Thanks Hawk.
Can you give me an idea whats this latest firmware EPROM and how to dtermine it?
Thanks again

take it to your dealer and tell them u got firmware or software promblem and to install it called EPROM. many times electronic dont work not because of the mechanical but maybe software problem so if u install the lastest software things might workout. im just adding to Hawk

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There is nothing mechanical in a receiver. I guess you meant electronics.
BTW, Dong should get a free EEPROM (Flash) upgrade. Ask for the latest firmware (software).
If the receiver has a RS232 port (9 pin male serial connector like one behind any PC) they should be able to do it right away without opening the unit.

I know NAD asks the users to pay for software upgrades but, in this case the dealer has to provide it free coz' the unit is having issues to begin with.

Good luck Dong.

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This is easily done by the dealer under warranty, so I wouldn't be concerned about it. Just take it in and let them know your problem--they should figure out if I am right and how to best fix it--either a flash upgrade suggested by Sam or replacement of the EPROM if they decide the EPROM itself is defective. The receiver comes with a two year warranty and the 752 hasn't been out that long, so you are easily in the warranty period. I would be very surprised if you had any problem at all in getting it fixed.
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