Any comments on Boston Accustics


thinking of getting the fronts and rear also center. i like to know its quality and what type of amp will be good with it

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I have only heard them played through a new Denon 3803 AVR and thought they are a bit bright and harsh. It may have been the receiver but it was fatiguing system and I could not have imagined extended listening. The speakers sounded better at high volumes than low.

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I have a pair of VR950s (last years model that I have been told are comparable to the V2s). They are on the brighter side, and per recommendations from wonderful people like Hawk, I just picked up a Marantz 7400. It is on the warmer side and I like the way they sound together. I am looking right now for a sub to add a little more bass, but I am enjoying them together so far!

I was considering a lower version of the Denon as well as the Yamahas, but per suggestions and listening, I liked the sound of the Marantz with these speakers better. The Marantz was definitely warmer sounding to my ears. Good Luck with whatever you decide!

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Stone is right as most Bostons I have heard have a very bright tweeter (their Lynnfield tweeter). Now, that is not a bad thing in and of itself as Boston buiilds a quality speaker and the tweeter imparts great detail. What it does mean is that you have to show some care in choosing the right amp or receiver to power them (as Stone said, through a Denon, they would sound harsh). I am happy that I could help Jason by steering him to the Marantz. Marantz would be a very good choice. Now, I don't know what kind of budget you have, but I would also look into the Harman/Kardons, which also have a warm, laid back sound that matches the sound of the Bostons very well. So that gives you two choices in receivers that should match up well with the Boston Acoustics speakers.

Good luck!
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