Successfully ripped all SACD and DVD-A!!!


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Before you all come clammoring at me with piracy and such, know that I am all against piracy. However I found a way to FINALLY rip all my SACDs and DVD-A into my computer at a HIGH sampling rate.

The main reason I did this was to be able to solo and isolate the individual channels, its nice to have the ability to mute the center channel on command or solo it and hear Elton John with nothing else. Anyhow I did it for a learning purpose, not to burn it and sell/give it to everybody...nevertheless this is what I did.

YOU TOO CAN DO IT, all you need is $150,000...yeah, so the studio where I work recently purchased a Digidesign Icon, and a new HD3 rig for a G5. I managed to convince them we needed to use this room as our new 5.1 room and to make it "nice" so we purchased a set of Blue Sky monitors...sooo nice. So I have the individual outs of my SACD player going directly to the inputs of Pro Tools (using a monster snake) The ins and outs to pro tools are set accordingly and I record them at a stunning 24 bit 192Khz sampling rate...not quite 2.8Mhz, but its still nicer than most!

So I have about 5 whole albums ripped (about 60 gigs so far...not reccomended for your Ipod :-P

As I said its nice to play around with soloing and removing channels and swapping them (set rears as fronts) Its an amazing tool as a mix engineer. Am I the ONLY one who has done this? Better yet am I the only one who cars to do this?!? I always knew HOW it would work, I just never had the means (the money that is) to do it.

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