Crazy Idea re: Speaker Cloth - want alternate source


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OK, this is nuts, I know....but we are having an entertainment center (custom cabs) built for our TV/speakers etc. I saw in a couple of magazines where this designer did not cover the openings of the cabinet where all the speakers are with speaker cloth. On one wall system, it had a custom wooden grill cover (cross hatched such as for a wine rack, only smaller in scale). The other scenario used thin metal grill covers similar to chicken wire in the same diamond like pattern) I've seen this used on Kitchen cabinet doors. This gives a great look for me personally, but my electronics guy is going to laugh at me, right?? Forget "why" I don't want it to scream manly home theater, just try and provide me with some alternative solution to these big boxes that stand out in this custom cabinet. Yes, I know...the grill cover can match. But would the sound just be totally screwed up with a grill of some sort?

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You shouldn't use any sort of thick grill material that will cause diffraction of the sound waves.

On the other hand, if you can try it cheaply and temporarily, perhaps you won't hear a difference and can go ahead with the scheme. Just be prepared that you might not like the resulting sound.

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Chloe, let me ask my wife where we got our designer speaker cloth. Yes, it exists and is sonically transparent. There are a number of patterns available. Will report back to you.

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Chloe, check these people out:

We ended ordering from them. I am sure there are other suppliers. If you decide to order a sample swatch from them, tell them to send it to you for free. I paid $10 which seems excesive. At a minimum talk to them and agree to have the payment for the swatches applied to your order.

Hope this helps.

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Hold a grill cloth up to a bright light. Notice how much transparency and light transmission is allowed by a grill cloth. Anything you decide to use for speaker covering should have at least that much of those qualities. If it doesn't, there is a very good likleyhood the midrange and high frequencies will become muffled.


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The 'chicken wire' type grill would probably be fine - except that it may have tendency to audibly vibrate.
The 'wine rack' lattice would have an effect on higher frequencies. Probably not noticable for general TV viewing, but not good for 'hi-fi' stuff. It might be possible to have wooden lattice panels fitted in such a way that they could be moved into the top of the unit (like a garage door) for dedicated music sessions - the special 'hinge' fittings which would be needed would probably be the same type used in kitchen cabinets.

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Thanks so much for all your input! Keep the advice coming!

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