H/K, NAD or MRNTZ to match JAMO speakers? HELP!!


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Dear experts,

I already have a pair of Jamo speakers (E-630) that I bought 2y ago (thinking that were excelent), which I am about to complement with a new receiver. I wonder which one you think would be the BEST FIT for these speakers (in case they are actually worth it). I was considering either the HK-AVR325, HK-AVR525, NAD 742 or Marantz 7300, which I already know are well regarded here.

Then, if I get your blessing on the Jamo E630, I will to complete the speaker-set with the Jamo surround, center and subwoofer (E6SUR, E6CEN and E6SUB) that according to the Jamo Corp. are designed to match the ones I have. http://www.jamo.com/consumer/products/

Please, also let me know if I should sell them and get something better.

I will deeply appreciate your advice.



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Here in the States, Jamo is not well distributed (I don't believe your model Jamos were ever sold here) and they do not have a consistant sound throughout their product line. Consequently, it is very hard to pinpoint which receiver would sound the best without actually listening to them with your model speakers. And that is hard to do as my local Jamo dealer has a very limited selection of Jamo speakers. What is important here is whether you like them. You are the person who needs to live with them and if you enjoy the sound they make, it is simply a question of finding the right receiver to bring out their strengths and minimize any weaknesses they have (and every speaker has weaknesses somewhere). Then, you add the remaining parts that match those speakers for your full HT system. I did a web search and found the speakers you mentioned and it looks like a very nice set of speakers. I wish I knew more, but the website was in Russian, so I could only glean so much info.

Jamo makes some very good speakers--I would be inclined to keep them. Can you describe their sound? If so, let me suggest the following:

If the sound is bright or forward sounding, I would suggest either H/K receiver. If the sound is pretty laid back, that is, if the sound seems like you are near the back row of an auditorium, then get the NAD. It is more forward sounding than the other two brands. If you feel the speakers sound like you are in the middle of the auditorium, then I would opt for the Marantz as the middle of the road candidate. All of the receivers you mention are very good, well built, and a good value, so I don't think you will go wrong with any of them. It really comes down to matching the sound charecteristics of the speaker to the receiver whose sonic charecteristics best complment the speakers. So try taking these speakers into a dealer to see if he will hook them up to his receiver to see what sounds the best to you. I have done this and any good dealer should be willing to do this for a customer--after all, you might walk out with a new receiver that day.

Whether you keep the Jamos or change them really comes down to whether you like them--that is something you will have to decide.

Good luck!
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