Need a "warm" receiver to mate with B&W CDM 1NT's


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Here is my problem. I have four B&W 1NT's and one CNT (that I got a terrific deal on), along with a SVS sub. I currently have a Denon 2800 receiver. This is a fairly bright receiver, and the combination is harsh, so say the least.

I am looking for a new reciever, in the $1000 - $1400 range. I am considering the Pioneer Elite 55ti and the new Rotel 1056. Will the 1056 have enough juice to power these speakers?

Are there other "warm" sounding receivers that I should be looking at (Sherwood, NAD, Outlaw, Marantz, etc.)?

This will be used for home theater 50% and music (mostly DVD-A and SACD) 50%.

Thanks in advance for the input.


Are there other brands

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you can knock sherwood off your list!
i would try the Marantz SR-7400 $999 and the Onkyo TX-SR801 i think it is the same price, but it is THX Certified.

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Very nice speakers! I am a bit envious as I went to try to get some, but my B+W dealer was already out of that line of speakers and wanted to sell me the new 700 series instead (for 50% more in price). SVS makes a great sub, too, so I think you have very fine tastes.

I would agree with Sarandon about the Marantz 7400 as probably being a pretty good match. I have pair of classic Heybrook 2Rs from the late eighties that I took into a Marantz dealer to audition last year's 7300 and the sound was wonderful. The significance here is that my Heybrooks sound very much like your 1NTs (hence my interest in the 1NTs), so I think the Marantz is a good choice. I do not feel the same way about Onkyo, however. Their receivers have consistantly failed any testing done by audio magazines as they don't even come close to their rated power when bench tested (for example, the Onkyo 900, rated at 125 wpc, bench tested at 54 wpc!--Sound & Vision, June 2003).

The Pioneer Elite would also be a good choice. It is tuned to sound like a tube amp, so its sound is very warm and laid back--certainly a welcome choice if the Denon sounds too bright (I, too, own a Denon and have been very dissatisfied with its sound). I am somewhat chary to recommend the Rotel, however. Rotel makes very fine gear, but its sound is rather cool and clean--I don't think that is what you really want if the Denon bothers you.

Besides the Marantz and the Pioneer elite, I think you should look at an NAD T763, which has an MSRP of about $1400, but the street price is more like $1100. It is also a warm sounding receiver with great detail, and has more usable power than any of the receiver's mentioned here (dynamic power of 210 wpc into 8 ohms), so it has the guts to do whatever you want. I just replaced my Denon 3803 with the 763's little brother, the 753, and I couldn't be happier. Certainly worth a look.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the input guys - I will check out the NAD and Marantz!
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