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I posted a similar question in my thread about recievers; but didn't get much response.

I have an old pair of Infinity kappa 7's that I bought around 1990 that I love (this was one from the top of the line in their 'best' line of speakers, around $2500/pr on sale.)
I recently went from a stereo reciever to a surround unit (Onkyo 801, I know it isn't a favorite on this board, but I liked how it sounded with my speakers better than the other ones I tried)
I am now ready to build the rest of my surround system so I need recomendations on which speakers would best compliment my current setup. I am more concerned with Music than HT; but would like to find a system that handles both. I am married to Infinity speakers and am willing to try any brand out there that would work.
I am willing to do some legwork although I would like to narrow down the scope of possibilities if possible.

Anyone have any input for me?
Thanks, mjj

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I have a pair of Kappa 8's im willing to part with. They need woofers ($150ea) from infinity... Other than that they are great condition. If you are interested let me know.

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ahh, the Kappa 7's. When I was a salesman back in 1990 that was my favorite speaker.
They are a very "tight" sounding accurate speaker since they are accoustic suspension (no ports) unlike a bass reflex speaker. Because of this they don't have a bass rumble or roll-off. In home theatre applications you may desire this and you should probably add a powered sub to add some "oomf" to the system.
As for center and rears, make sure they match impedance with the Kappas. If you can get a hold of someone at Infinity let them know you have the Kappas and ask what speakers they currently make that are most closely "voice matched" to these.

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I emailed Infinity and got a less than enthusiastic reply. The guy said it is 'almost impossible' to match the kappas; but, if he had to take a shot at it, he would try the Alpha 37 center or the new kappa center. I tried both and thought the alpha was terrible and the kappa was 'OK'
I think I will have to either go with another brand or buy an older kappa center (ebay?) and have it refurbished.
If you have any suggestions for other brands, I'm all ears. I would prefer to buy new instead of rolling the dice on used gear.

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Actually, come to think of it; the alpha 37 center was the closer of the two.
Doesn't really matter; either way I want something a little closer.

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Whoever you got at Infinity may not be that informed. I'd get a second and third opinion from an Infinity representative. If they all give you the same answer then maybe i'd believe it.
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