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I am going to purchase a 5.1 Paradigm system. Studio 60's front,cc-570 center, ADP-470's rear, seismic 12 sub. I need help with the receiver. I have read that the NAD 673 would be a good match. My friend loves Marantz and said that the R8500 would be a better unit with more options for this system. My price range is max $1,500.

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Using a receiver with Paradigm Reference series speakers is a waste. Those speakers have so much more performance to offer than a receiver can draw from them. If you must, buy no less than an NAD. NAD has worked out the wrinkles in their most recent receivers. If you buy one, make sure it was maunufactured within the last month or two. I have a Marantz that I use as a processor for my Paradigm Monitor's, but even with them I use a separate pre amp and power amp with the front 2 speakers for music.

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I like Arthur's idea too---get a less expensive receiver that has pre-outs like the Pioneer 1014 and then spend another couple of hundred for a good 2-channel amp for your mains, you'd probably still stay well within your $1500 budget.

Thanks, Any suggestions on the best set-up for my price range. I want to get the most out of the speakers and still stay in the $1,500 price range.

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I just got the paradigm reference 20's and will be filling it out with the cc-470 and adp 470's (unsure on sub, maybe a Rel). So i'm in a similar situation. Not a lot of bad talk about NAD, but there's better options from what i've heard. I'm looking at the Arcam avr300 currently (also the denon 3805). I'd recommend looking at the Arcam's at their usa dealer site (if you're in the US) where they have overstock and factory refurbs for about $1500 (maybe $1600) that carry the exact same service and warranty agreements and are backed by arcam.

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You'll be fine with either Marantz or NAD. The two paradigm dealers near me both have the monitor and Studio lines hooked up the Marantz receivers. Of course, they'll also demo them with separates if you have the money. Just this past weekend I picked my 100s, cc-570, adp-470s and pw-2200. I'm running them off a Marantz 7500 for now and the sound is plenty good in my room.(this was how both dealers had their setups configured when using receivers)

Although, I must say I plan on adding an Anthem amp and processor sometime down the road. Unfortunately I had to draw the line on the budget so the separates were out of the question now. I already toasted the budget by looking at the studio line among other things. When you furnish an entire room from scratch it tends to get a bit expensive. But every penny has been worth it, nothing like kicking back in a laz-y-boy recliner and listening to some sweet sounding music.

Once I get the separates the reciever gets moved to another room.

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I'm using a set of Studio 20's on my Marantz receiver and am very happy with them.

I drove Studio 40s and a Studio CC with a Rotel RSX-965 for several years with no problems at all. The Rotel RSX-1056 will fit in your $1500 budget and be a great match.

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I drove Studio 40 v2's with an RSX-965 as well but they sounded better when I added a Rotel RB-981 power amp to the fronts. Any receiver will work, Rotel, NAD, and Arcam receivers will work better, and putting a power amp on the fronts will work even better.
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