Kenwood VR-6050 Subwoofer Channel


Hi All,

I bought a new VR-6050 yesterday. I have a AIWA powered subwoofer connected to it(40Hz-200Hz). When I play Dolby or DTS movies, the DOLBY/DTS indicator comes up and the receiver shows a "LFE" indicator, but the "SW" subwoofer indicator turns off automatically. This does'nt occur for CS II or Stereo modes. While playing Stereo or other DSP modes, the "SW" indicator on the screen lights up. I have set the Speaker size to normal (Have Bose 201 Bookshelf for my surrounds) and set the SW remix to PFF. Is there something wrong with the decoder(I see that the receiver automatically recognizes Dolby/DTS signals)?

Please Help.



Your receiver is functioning properly. The actual difference is in the terminology of the bass output channel. DD/DTS uses and labels it as LFE LOW FREQUENCY EFFECT (white display), while normal stereo & DSP modes is labeled as SW SUBWOOFER (white display). It is the same thing with a different label on it.

Question...what speaker sizes did you select for all of your speakers, especially the fronts? And what is the layout like and type/models?

sincerely yours, Michael


Thank you very much for your reply. The speaker Sizes I selected was Normal. The speakers are BOSE 201 speakers. What you say makes good sense to me. Because when I keep my hand on the subwoofer, I feel that its playing(feel the air).

Thank you and Best Regards.
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