IMF/Rogers monitors ??


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I have a pair of speakers I adopted off my dad, along with his old quad 303/33 amplifiers :D

The story behind the speakers, as far as I understand it, is that he aquired them off the BBC back in the 70s when they were upgrading one of their studios. I know they are not Rogers LS3/5 or 5/8s though.

They look almost identical to what I have seen labled as being "Rogers Monitors 7" and I think I have seen them as 5 & 6 as well when searching in the past. The only difference is where the "Rogers Monitor 7's" use a round bass driver/woofer my speakers use a oval one, assumidly the Kef B139.

Pics of "Rogers Monitors"

Another subtle difference is that my speakers have a Radford crossover in them, which doesn't look like the one on the sites (all seeming to be dutch) relating to kits for the above mentions monitors.

Also, my fater did slightly modify the crossover many years ago, seperating it so that the speakers can be bi-amped. I think this grouped the woofer and supertweeter together, and the mid and treble. To do this I think he spoke with Radford, the manufacturers of the crossover.

I feel fairly confident that they use the same drivers as the IMF TLS80s (and a lot of other speakers made by the same people), of where there are some details here:

Namely the Kef B139, Kef B110, Celestion HF1300 and Celestion HF2000.

Anybody got a definite idea what these are? I would like to know out of interest, but I am also very interested in getting the cabinet re-conned, and some of the orignal drivers seem to be hard to get (bearing in mind I haven't actually removed them yet to check my assumptions are correct.)

Many thanks for any help you can give, Dale

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Nobody got any ideas?

I did vaguely think they could be Spendor, as they made BBC monitors before Rogers, but I don't think they are.

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Since you do not mention any badges on the speakers, I assume these are BBC units that were produced for the BBC and not as a commercial product. It is possible you have a speaker that was a "one off" done for research and possible development that subsequently never occurred. It could even be a DIY that was assembled out of spares that were left from another project.

If you are correct about the drivers, you have components that are quite good by anyone's standards. If they were produced for BBC use, the best guess I could make with the information you've provided is the speakers failed to provide the measurements the BBC required. Even though they probably come very close to the "BBC sound" of the Rogers, Spendors and IMF's of the late '70's and early '80's, they didn't do what the engineers wanted.

I have sold all these brands and currently use LS3/5a's as my main speakers. The BBC sound is still as close to live music as you can find at any reasonable price range. Even without the sentimental attachment, I would keep the speakers in a central location for a long time.

I doubt you will find much more information without contacting the BBC or one of the speaker companies that might have provided the components.


I have read your mail with great interest because I own a pair of Rogers Monitor 6.0's, as theay are called in - indeed - Holland. A firm called REMO ( sells them, the present version is the 7.0. It is a four way system, my version has Davis units. Every five years or so they are upgraded whereas the original design must be of Rogers in the seventies. I use them with Luxman M-02 and C-03 amplifiers. They are tall (about 1 meter high) but give a pure sound wthout any noticable colouration.

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They could be Radford studio S 90's , see
I built a pair of " Wireles World " transmission line cabs , designed by " A.R.Bailey " in the 70's , recommended drivers were Radford's or KEF's (B139 B110 & T27) They were excellent monitors but my home designed TL speakers are better , they reproduce music that is in the the room with you ! not in the cabinets trying to get out . If anyone is interested please do email me I'm thinking of doing reasonably priced kits or selling the plans , thanks chris .

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Just a bit more about TL units...I built the WW May 1972 units many years ago using radford drivers BD25's etc...I put them away in storage after purchasing a pair of Jamo 's but I've decided after much listening that TL units have something good that other designs haven't.
I just in the throes of thinking what I can do about the rubber roll edges on the bass drivers..they have lost a bit of the shape in the roll.
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