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I am starting to build a HT in a loft space. The room is 21' X 21' with a listening area of 13' X 13'. Ceilings are 12 feet and made of tin. Floor is hardwoods, and walls are it is a 'hard' space to begin with. Main speakers will sit in a 10' wide opening on one side of the room with 6' of space behind them. Listening spot is 13' away. Surrounds speakers will need to be asymetrical, one about 9 feet from sweet spot, the other about 15 feet away. Center channel will be 6' behind the plane of the Mains. For video, I will use HP6120 DLP projector, $1,600, and 110" 4:3 screen that will hang in the opening where the mains are located.

I am looking at the Axiom Epic 40 speaker package, or a JBL combination using E90's as the main speakers. A third choice is Ascend achored by their CBM170's as Main and Center Channel.

I have narrowed my receiver search to three:

Denon 3803
Yamaha RXV-1300

All of these are about one model year old. I have found the Yamaha for $378, the HK for $850, and the Denon for $750. All were originally in the $1,000 class. I would like to stay around $800 for the receiver.

I am looking for comments on your experience with these receivers. The Yamaha is a great price, but does not have some features I am looking for, i.e. multi-zone. But, I could put the saved $$ towards better speakers. I also like the Denon for its features and Neo6 DSP.

So, let me hear from you on these possibilities. Your experience and advice is appreciated:-)

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I would go with the HK 630 which has a very good power supply and can be gotten at B&H Photo delivered for $768 (and it is warrantied) or the HK AVR 430 which can be gotten delivered at $650. For speakers the Ascends CBM-170's with the 340 center and a HSU VTF-2 subwoofer are amazing at under $1400 delivered. You couldn't go wrong with the Axiom's, but the HSU is a much better subwoofer. The Axiom's are more dynamic than the Ascend's, but the Ascends have an incredibly smooth and even frequency response that is unbeatable. With the HSU subwoofer set at 80 (maybe 100Hz) it is a combination that would fool many audiophiles into thinking they were hearing a speaker system that is two or three times the price.

Of course, if you really want to blast the volume the Axiom's would be the way to go. The Ascends are great for a room 15 x 20--but they won't make your ears bleed like the Axioms could.

It depends on your listening preferences. Mine---I lean toward the Ascends, but would be quite happy with the Axioms---even more so, if I could switch out the Axiom subwoofer for the Hsu.
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