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I have dug out my old Thorens TD 160 which has been in storage for about 20 years. It works but things are not quite as they should be.

To my ears it is turning too slowly. Is this likely? What is the easiest method to check the speed? What is likely to need replacing?

Playing a relatively unimportant record the high frequencies seem to be way down. I suspect this is probably a knackered suspension in the cartridge. Confirmation?

Is it worth repairing?

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"Is it worth repairing?"

Hard to tell. The new Thorens is not the old Thorens and so parts are hard to come by. The best way to check the speed is with a strobe disc and a flourescent light. You can find strobes at several locations. Start here:


There is also Jerry Raskins and Music Direct. Put either one into a search engine. The suspension on your cartridge is probably shot. As with a car that sits, the rubber bits dry out. That is the easiest piece to replace.


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I absolutely believe that a Thorens TD 160 is worth repairing and returning to service. I am willing to bet that bringing that TT up to speed would cost only a fraction of replacing it with a new unit of comparable quality.

I would start with a good clean/lube/adjust by a decent tech and it is very likely that the problem is the 20 year old belt being dried out or stretched. If that is the case, a good cartridge upgrade has your TT running like new and you back in vinyl heaven for under a $100 . Good luck, Greg.
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