Which one ? PSB IMAGE T65 versus MONITOR AUDIO SILVER S8i.


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Hello guys,
which one you prefer between these 2 speakers brand:

Maybe from the price range, the difference couldn't be justified.
But at my local store, both dealers offer me quite same price
though there only different for hundred bucks.

I like the PSB IMAGE T65 sound - bass seem tight and sound truly
clear in my ears. But, don't like the quality design especially
the modular design. It looks like the PSB maker want to simplify
the floorstanding speaker. If he want to add a 3 way speaker, just
add another speaker module to the 2 way one. And a little tweak
on crossover.

The MONITOR AUDIO SILVER S8i looks dull and simple. But the CCAM
woofer technology very well in reproducing the sound.
Oh yes, the SILVER Series will appear in RS Silver Series and
on sale in this April too. Couldn't wait ....

So, guys, please help me in choosing between speakers and
I welcome all positive and negative points on these speakers.

Thanks, u guys.



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the PSB is a new model. is the "s8i" the same as the silver s8? if not, i think the "i" models are older than the "s". the new ones are "RS".

i'd get the PSBs.

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Yes, bumblebee.
The S8i is just the same with S8.
The new one "RS" series not on sale yet. Probably will reach the consumer in mid April - but maybe will in May on mass.

So, you get the PSB. Have u ever compare both of these speakers ? May I know, the reason ?

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i thought the s8i is an older model than current s8, hence, i chose the newer PSBs, having lots of good reviews.

but if you can get a good deal on the s8i, s8i it is.

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Any other opinions, please ???

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I really like both brands. The new Image series from PSB is very good and I would opt for those. They have a very smooth yet detailed sound. They aren't much to look at but they sound wonderful.

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Actually I believe the 8i is not the same as the S8. The i series of speakers were characterized visually by the white/silver cones with gold dust caps, whereas the silver series cones are all silver. There were some changes beyond the cosmetics, but I can't tell what they were.
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