Interconnects - or upgrade all round ?


Ian H
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Interested in your views. I have arcam kit - alpha 9 cd / 10 integrated amp / 10p power amp. Using AE120 speakers with QED Silver Anniversary cable. My interconnects are audioquest quartz between the amps and mit terminator 3 between cd / 10 integrated amp. I notice a resonance / ringing sound on some CDs that is volume independent, most noticeable on accoustic classical recordings - may be CD needs a service or interconnects need changing or a recording issue ? Any one recommend new interconnects ? Thought maybe Chord Chorus would do the job - any views ? All the best, Ian.

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In my opnion interconnects make zero to very subtle "improvements"
I don't want to start a debate about cables, anyone who hears difference between them and has found improvements gets my blessings, I on the other hand never heard any real improvements, certainly not when trying to get rid of some flaws in the sound like harsh treble, grain and...ringing noises etc.
I'd get your cd player fixed, if something is wrong with it or get a new (amp/cd player/speakers) whatever is responsible for the ringing sound.

james 1:22
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Ian, Nout seems like he is on the right track about whether cables will fix ringing or resonance. They don't do that. Cables don't fix equipment issues. But, I'd have to disagree on how important they are. While they won't improve dynamic range, or make the treble higher or the bass lower,they do is provide clarity, definition and focus to the sound stage your equipment is capable of producing. They help to create the illusion of depth and focus. It's not a big deal if you don't hear it, it's worth the investment if you do.
A very good cable is Nordost. the Solar Wind is the least expensive model and uses the same type of conductors, just fewer and a smaller gauge than their more expensive models. They are sold on for a reasonable price.
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