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Scott Mc
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I'm currently looking to purchase a good subwoofer to complete my HT system. I don't want to spend an outrageous amount of money, but am looking at about $500. I'm seriously leaning towards the Velodyne DPS-12 ($400 + S&H online

My current set up is a Sony STRDE-995 receiver with 6 Speakercraft AIM-8 One in-ceiling speakers for surround. My family room is about 16'x16'x9' and I'll use the system primarily for HT, but also for music about 30% of the time.

Any other recommendations or concerns about my current set up???

Thanks in advance!!!

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Id go with the velodyne. But you should check out other such as SVS...etc

How the Sony STR-DE995 treating you?


Scott Mc
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Thanks for your quick feedback!

I've had the Sony for about 6 months now and it meets my needs so far, but it does seem a little weak. I've noticed that when watching a movie or a game with people over (like during March Madness), I have to crank the volume way up to get a good volume. I've had it maxed out before and it wasn't that loud... at least not what I would have expected for the max volume. Do you think adding my sub will help w/this by taking some of the burden off my Speakercraft ceiling speakers?

I'm also not sure if I'm overloading it as I have 3 remote speaker locations connected to the B speaker output on the receiver through a speaker selector. These B speakers are usually turned off, but depending on which rooms I have selected on, I'm running anywhere from just the 6 speakers in the main room to 12 total if all 3 of the other locations (2 speakers in each room) are on. I rarely have all speakers running at once, but it's not uncommon to have 10 speakers running. I just don't know enough about ohms, wattage, etc...
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