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I know this sounds sort of unusual and maybe not in line with the thoughts of keeping everything seperate. But. Does anyone know of a Pre/Pro with Built in DVD. Even better if it is a Universal player.
With the new DVD-A and SACD, they require analog transfer which means another set of six cables. If I have a pre/pro with built in universal player, all I need to do is provide the multi channel amp and Zingo.

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Dont know if this helps you. I have an Onkyo DR-90
it has an integrated DVD and will read DVD-r with no problem. Its not a new model and its only 5.1
You may need to look at onkyo home page and see if they have a new model.

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As of yet there are no preamps with dvd players that I am aware of---there are receivers with DVD players. For instabce NAD makes one and Rotel is coming out with one that includes DVD-Audio, but not SACD.

Your want on this is quite unusual. I wouldn't hold my breath for a pre-pro/dvd universal or even with just a dvd player. People who buy separates such as pre-pro's want the freedom to pick their dvd player. I think the market for what you want is less than 10 worldwide:-)
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