Marantz SR5400 and 4 ohm speakers


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Thanks to a recommendation here, I am giving serious consideration to building a modest home theater system around Epos ELS3's. My preference for receiver would be at least the NAD T743. However, budget issues prohibit my venturing into that price range (best price I could find was $595 new. Second receiver choice is the Marantz SR5400. I have not been able to determine if this unit would be compatible with the 4 ohm Epos. I have checked the Marantz webpage, to no avail.

Anyone know if the Marantz is capable of driving the Epos? If not, would appreciate alternate receiver suggestions under $550, if available. Thanks for the help!

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For that model, I would say probably not. Some of the upper Marantz models may be able to drive 4 ohms, but I haven't ever heard that the 5400 can. Unfortunately, at this price level, your hands are kind of tied. As far as I know, the NAD is the only receiver anywhere near this price that will drive 4 ohms. So my advice would be to save for awhile longer and get the NAD...I mean, you are less than $50 from being able to get it. How long would it take to save that much?
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