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I have a pair of Klipsh RF7s. They are the first speakers I've owned that have the ability to get too loud and stay clean. That's the way I like my music. I have a budget of about $700 to put towards a receiver. My main pleasure is music. I do want to run the TV through the speakers but I dont require surround sound, stereo is sufficiant for my TV watching. The music is what is important. Anyone have a recommendation as to what receiver I might check out? Is there a difference in music sound quality between a stereo receiver and a muti channel AV receiver being played on stereo? I'm looking for lots of clean power and a dynamic frequency responce range. Help?

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What do you mean by a dynamic frequency range exactly? Do you want a receiver that will help tame the brightness of your Klipsch or do you want one that won't? Personally I find Klipsch to be very bright and fatiguing unless balanced by the warmest amp possible. For this purpose try the Marantz 6400, the H/K 430 and the Elite 53 . The Elite has a higher list price but can be had mailorder for under or around $700. All will work well with Klipsch and all have more than enough power.

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I'm not really sure. I've been told that the frequency response range should be as wide as possible for quality sound reproduction. Is this in error?

I like my Klipsh. I like the way they sound with my Sony receiver but the receiver does not have the ablity to remain clear at high volumes. I want loud and clear. My problems are that I can't find a store that has my speakers with a good combination of receivers to power them for comparison and I also don't know if a AV receiver will sound as good as a comparably priced stereo receiver.

I could really use a "stereo 4 dummies" book.
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