Yamaha rxv650 receiver has me scrating my head like a retarded monkey


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I recently purchased the Yamaha rxv 650 receiver. I really dig its options but at the same time am a bit frustrated with some of it's specs. What bugs me the most is its lack of bass and treble range. All of the receivers that I've seen range between -10 and +10 for bass and treble adjustment. My Yamaha has only -6 to +6. Even my crappy 1982 Sherwood receiver was capable of a -10 through +10 range. Is there a reason Yamaha designed it like this?
Also, the sound seems a bit too bright or crisp. I realize that may be just because of the lack of bass. Is it possible that Yamaha isn't a "warm" receiver, and what's the difference?
It also has a digital sound field processing chip(DSP) which gives the option of giving your music a "concert hall", "rock concert", "jazz club", etc.. quality. Are these really necessary? Don't they take away from the essence, the true or pure sound of the source material? Isn't that sound already determined by the producers and the engineers in the first place, and if they wanted the source material to sound as though it was coming from a "jazz club", "rock concert", or a "concert hall", they would have calibrated it as such during the original recording of it?
Thanks ahead of time from a newbie for any help and insights concerning an of these matters:-)
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