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My dad just bought a sony STRDE697, and Klipsch Quientet speakers, now all he needs is a sub. The room is average size (about 20x15). I was wondering witch sub would blend the best with the speakers, a Klipsch KSW-10 or a Velodyne VRP1000. We can get both for about 250. I like the Velodyne but have heard of them getting weak signal strength from the receiver. What do you think will sound better?

Thanks for your help

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i'd say that velodyne is at the very least a safe bet. in ANY review i've ever read of subs, velodyne always gets thumbs up along with HSU.

i just never thing of klipsch as a "hi fi" brand. i think of more as a "brute force party speaker" maker.

the top of the line velodyne subs (at least) incorporate exotic motion feedback sensors that help lower distortion.

if you want to know which sub is best and you can look at them side by side... rap on both of their cabinets. the one with the least bit of boxy sound and the closer to a silent *tick* sound will probably be the better sounding sub for lack of resonances.

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like i read in a magazine article... the first test you should give ANY speaker is a rap on the cabinet before you power it up.

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Budget Minded, Klipsch makes a wide range of product. There's some very good stuff in there. I own La Scala's which I like very much.

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The Velodyne VRP1000 is said to be several notches below the other Velodyne model lines, so not sure you're getting much improvement there.

In that price range I'd choose the Dayton 10" sub from partsexpress.com for $150 shipped, it always gets very positive feedback on audio forums like this.

That way, you can put the savings into a better receiver than the Sony...tell your Dad to return it for any of these:

1. Onkyo 502, $200 shipped jandr.com
2. Onkyo 602, $250 refurb, jandr.com
3. Pioneer 1014, under $400 online --- best bang for the buck under the $600 mark
4. JVC RX-F10 all-digital receiver, $230 shipped Amazon.com
5. Panasonic SA-XR70 all-digital receiver, around $300

About the only thing Sony still makes well nowadays are their tube TVs, almost everything else they do is just them living off their big name.

Go to avsforums.com and hometheaterforum.com for huge threads on the Pioneer 1014 and the all-digital receivers.

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edster is right about the VRP1000. it doesnt have the punch i wanted but granted i have a pretty small room and i for some reason get headaches after listening to too much bass it was a good buy. the advantages i see is that it can be bought fairly cheap under $200 i believe and it is pretty compact.
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