Should I invest in a subwoofer? (sorry if posted twice)


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Hi all,

I have an opportunity to invest in a used Velodyne VA-1012xII subwoofer for $150. I currently have a set of Athena AS-F2's as my mains. The Athenas are spec'd down to 35 Hz. The Velodyne is supposed to reach 28 Hz.

I mainly listen to music (all kinds). Will I notice any difference by getting a sub? I'm tempted to, if anything, just because of the low price.

Thanks for the feedback!
- LD

(Sorry if posted twice, unsure if this posted earlier)

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that depends... do you think you need more bass?

i wanted an 8" sub but had to settle on a 12" because that was the only cabinet size i could buy. now i'm stuck with a system with too much deep bass for my tastes and apartment living style.

my tastes think that subs and deep bass are overated and that the REAL important sound is the tweeter.

tastes and priorities.

if you are happy with your bass as it stands, then a sub is a waste... if you're starving for more bass.. then you do need a sub.

i like bass quality 100X more than quantity, so i'm into tiny acoustic suspension 8" woofers an rolled off but lighning quick planar bass.

subs get more attention than they deserve to me.

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i honestly like the sound of my 5 1/2" mission speakers used as subs more than my 12" for my tiny NHT superzeros.

train your ears to find what YOU like and don't like.

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$150 is hard to beat for a Velodyne---they're not the best (SVS and Hsu would get my vote for that title) but not that far behind.

Yes, you will notice a difference even if your Athenas claim to go down to 35Hz. Speaker manufacturers typically inflate their frequency ratings (like receiver manufacturers do with their watts per channel ratings) for marketing purposes. While a tower will certainly go lower than a bookshelf speaker, the question is the QUALITY of the bass---is it tight and punchy and clear, or fuzzy and flabby?

My bet is that the F2s probably provide QUALITY bass down to about 45-50Hz, whereas a decent sub should provide QUALITY bass down to at least 30Hz, and even to 20Hz if it's a really good sub.

The other reason to get a sub is that you can then set your speaker settings to "small" which means the Athenas will be handling only mids and highs---takes a lot of strain away from both the receiver and the speakers, and usually results in much improved mids and highs.
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