How to connect speaker wires to Tv


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I want to add 2 speakers to my tv but my tv only has a/v inputs/outputs the speakers came with some speaker wires,I tried to connect it to my dvd player but same thing.please don't be too technical.I'm an idiot.

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You're obviously not an idiot. An idiot would not know enough to seek an answer. You will need a receiver. You would then connect you tv output to the receiver input. Then you would also connect your speakers (to the receiver). One other possibility: if you have powered speakers, you could connect them directly to tv out if they both have standard rca plugs.

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I have a similar problem but have a hifi with 2 speakers and the hifi has Aux output. I also have an xbox connected to the TV and wouldn't mind having that go through the speakers as well as the tv. I presume i would need the hifi turned on and then i press the 'aux' button, but i don't know how to connect it because my tv only has a SCART socket other than the standard coax ariel!
Please help.

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You would have to hook the X-box up to the receiver. Plug the RCA(red,white,yellow) plugs into the red,white,yellow jacks that say "aux input". Then when you press the 'aux' button, sound will come from the speakers.

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I hope you haven't read this, becase what I posted yesterday wasn't entirely accurate. Only the red and white plugs need to be plugged into your receiver. That will allow you to get sound from your left and right speakers. The yellow or 'video' cable still needs to be put into your T.V.

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Not necessarily......

Some people also run video through their receiver. It's all a matter of how you choose to run your wires.

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I agree Paul. I run video through my receiver. But after I had thought about what he had said, I began to doubt that his receiver had a 'monitor' plug. That is why I came back and recommended running the sound through the receiver and the video through the t.v.


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A monitor plug??

It depends on what you want to do. I run my HDTV signal direct to the tv, but run my DVD player video through my receiver. There are several ways to run your cables, and no single way is best.

It depends on personal preference and the source.

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A much easier and cheaper solution, if you are not too picky about sound, is to use a 2.1 PC system like the Logitech Z-2300, Altec Lansing MX5201, or the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 (all well under $200).

These all come with their own independent amplifier built into the subwoofer so all you'd do is plug an RCA cable from the audio output of the TV into the subwoofer amp.

Of course a receiver will offer better sound and expandability, it'll just cost a little more. For something real basic look at the Pioneer 514, it's around $125 shipped online.

Just depends on your budget is all.
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