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Iam planning on buying KEF speakers, I was leaning towards a set of Q3's for my towers and the Q9 for my center speaker and Q8's for my rears. I was planing on powering them with a 7.1 Yamaha 110 watts per channel decoder. I am still undisided about my sub. Has anyone had any experience with these speakers? Id really like to know how the Q9 stacks up. Will this speaker be able to do justice to the latest movies? I understand that most of a movies audio comes from this speaker and i want to know if this speaker is up to the task. If not then what other recomendations can u make. Also does this seem like a good set up? Any recomendations on a sub would also help. How do KEF speakers in general stack up against other companys? Thank you for your time

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I am a KEF fan and have been for years. They sound great, but do need real power. So my comment on the Yamaha receiver is that Yamaha's quoted power ratings are over-optimistic, to put it mildly. You might be better off considering Harman/Kardon, Marantz, Denon or NAD for the receiver. Personally I am into NAD, and could not be happier with the match with KEF. You will find a lot on "real-world power" in "receivers" forum here.

If a receiver maker quotes 110 Watts, make sure it carries the qualifications: "per channel, with all channels driven". Some makers quote a figure for power for each channel when it is driven alone, sucking up the power intended for the other channels. It is very misleading. Then, you can be really sure the thing has the right stuff if they also say into 8 Ohms (not 4, that's cheating) and "across the full frequency range" (not just at 1 kHz). If you add all those stipulations, a quoted 110 W can come down to a real-world, measured value of 35 W in some cases, I have read, even when the quoted figure is into 8 Ohms.

The center speaker does not really carry most of the audio, but the stuff it does carry is speech, and clarity is essential. The center speaker therefore has to be capable of fine detail at reasonable levels, rather than just playing loud. KEF are speaker specialists and audio experts (their founder was once president of AES). I think they have products you can trust.

The Q9c will be a great center between the Q3s. However, the Q8s are small and have a very limited bass response. That is OK if you do not need full frequency range all round, and set your receiver so that the surround low frequencies are handled by a sub or by the mains instead of by the Q8s themselves. The Q3s, in contrast, have excellent bass extension and you will not absolutely need a sub at all if you take care with the way you set things up. I would favour Q1s as surrounds. Others, who like the idea of dispersed sound, might recommend the Q2ds. But note, both of those speakers go to much lower frequencies than the Q8s.

nad to psb or to the qseries KEF. thankyou trying to find the difference.

ive heard that marantz also are optimistic regarding their watts

what would 25 yr old KEF floor standing speakers be worth? I have two, originally from a quadrophonic set.. both work perfectly still. Each speaker about 3 ft tall.

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Go to to see what the speakers have and are selling for.

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I have a pair of Celestion Ditton 66 speakers (±25+ years old) still with great sound. I have set these up with a NAD 320BEE and NAD 521BEE CD-player. I am now looking at adding the NAD 533 DVD-player to this set-up. Also, somebody recommended adding a set of KEF speakers (Q???) for great sound. Any comments??

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Those are great speakers. I think they have Kef drivers. Jan Vigne will probably know. Let me direct you to:

Audiophile Speaker Epiphany, started by Rick Barnes.

BTW I have an NAD T533 and it is terrific.
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