Two Speakers - Can I Still Use Various Formats


Marc Y
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I only have two front speakers. Can I still use the multiple formats provided by my receiver (Dolby, Pro Logic, etc), or can I only use simple stereo mode?

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You might get some change in sound using effects such as jazz or hall, but the point of Dolby Pro Logic is to matrix stereo signals to create surround signals in a center and rear speakers. Real multi-channel formats such as DD or DTS 5.1 have separate channel content for these channels, so if no speakers are connected to your receiver you obviously can't use them. Hope this helps.

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There is also something called "Dolby Surround Sound" for two channels, which the some players and amps provide, and is also on some video tapes.

Real surround sound today requires you add at least three more speakers, Marc. Behind you, "left surround" and "right surround"; in front, "center". Then you have 5-channel surround sound. You can usually take the ".1" channel and set your receiver/amp so as to give its content to the main "left" and "right" speakers you already have. Then you have 5.1. The ".1" or LFE (low frequency effects) channel can also be used to drive an active (powered) subwoofer, which is an additional, special speaker, with its own amplifier built in. Then you have four new speakers (three conventional speakers and an active sub) and six channels in all.

5.1 surround sound is the basis of Dolby Digital, Dolby Prologic, DTS, and other formats. Most DVDs today give 5.1 surround sound. A few older DVDs have 2.1 (two main channels plus LFE channel). Some players will now play, or mimic, 6.1 or 7.1 (adding yet more surround speakers), but 5.1 is the standard on almost all DVDiscs.

It is really good!

In contrast to genuine multichannel recordings on DVDiscs, Dolby Prologic and other proprietary formats are a way to creat 5.1 surround sound from a two-channel, stereo source, such as a videotape. They also make a big difference especially for movies. You will still need those extra speakers.

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marc you can also try the virtual surround from yamaha, marantz and onkyo and denon. I know for a fact that the yamaha has two features called vitural cinema and silent cinema

virtual cinema is when you can get 5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS through your front two speakers and sub or you can use the front two speakers and your center channel and sub for virtual cinema.

silent cinema is the same thing as the virtual cinema but you can use regular pair of headphones and get the 5.1 surround through the headphones.

i dont know how good the other ones are. i have tried the ones from yamaha and the are really convincing!!!!

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Put simply, yes you can listen to multiple audio formats with just 2 speakers, but you will not experience the ambience and perspective these formats were designed for. As John says this can only be achieved with a true surround speaker setup.
Most receivers will allow you to setup for only 2 front speakers hence routing all 5.1 information to the two front speakers - so no audio information is lost.
Having said that - its a matter for your ears to decide really.
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