Arcam avr200 or Nad T762, which one


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I am having a chance to get used two for cheap, not sure which one is sounding better. Seems T762 has more feature but I am more concerned on the music quality. I also heard the nad has quality control problem, is that true? Any input is appreaciated.

Arcam avr200.

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Can you say more about those two receiver?

tao li

it's very simple!

Arcam - peace of mind

Nad - headache

good luck!

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Tao Li,

The Arcam is way ahead in terms of performance. It works better both musically and in surround sound. There are a few AVR200s going for very sensible money at the moment so this is a good time to snap one up. The NAD was also a good machine, but if it's similar money to the Arcam, then the Arcam is the obvious choice.


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NAD is a good brand but their have been a number of issues with their AVR's not the least of which is a transformer hum. Even without the NAD issues I would buy the Arcam. I have nothing against NAD as I own several of their products, but Arcam over NAD is a an easy choice.

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I've only heard the succesors to these units and on that basis there isn't much difference in sound quality, . Both of the models I heard were very neutral (but simultaneously musical), with stereo material and quite restrained (not as much 'pop and bang' as some) with surround effects.

This review of the AVR200 is typical of ones I have found.

Although there have been faults with NAD QC, they aren't all bad ones.
Having said that, if I were you I would opt for the Arcam.


I have a NADT762 that is inoperative. It has been sent for repair once, but not fixed. Neither the store (YAWA) nor NAD has been particularly helpful. Recommendations by the dealer were to "upgrade" at a special price of $504 or to send it back for repair again, leave it unopened, and sell it as refurbished on ebay to try to recover some of my money. The factory promised to pay for shipping to send it in for repair again, but this was well over a week ago... Meanwhile, I have a $900 doorstop -- since January. I'd be really interested to know if anyone has had good customer service from the factory or YAWA.

The unit locks up. At first, it appeared to be heat related, but it is worse since it was "repaired". Sounds like the T763 has major redesign in thermal tolerances, so maybe that unit is a better risk.

Sound is great when it works.
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