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Has anyone had any experience with using Linn speakers in a home theater system?

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This is in response to the question of whether anyone had any experience with Linn speakers in a home theater setup. Not sure how this will be posted as I'm a newb at this. Sorry if I've botched the location. Anyway.....

I recently bought Linn speakers for a home theater system. Ended up with a NAD 763 receiver and Linn Ninka mains (with bases), Linn Katan center and Linn Unik rears. Also added a Paradigm PW-2100 sub. Have had it a couple of weeks, and we're really enjoying the setup.

I started looking for a system about 4-5 months ago. Listened to serveral different speaker lines including Def Tech, Klipsch, KEF, Paradigm, Phase Tech, Mirage, Monitor Audio, Linn, etc. Ultimately came down to Monitor Audio Silvers and Linns. Felt both were very accurate speakers, but thought the Linns were just a bit smoother. Plus, we really liked the looks of these speakers (got the cherry finish)!

Was initially leaning towards a Velo sub, but heard the Paradigm PW-2100 and felt it was very, very accurate yet still delivered plenty of "pop". Upon hooking it up with the system at home, I'm pleased to report that it shakes the walls quite easily! Very impressed with this sub.

As for receivers, was looking at Integra, Denon, Pioneer Elite and NAD. Was a bit concerned about NAD quality control issues mentioned all over this and other boards, but my A/V guy said he'd sold plenty of NADs over the past several years and only one of them had a problem that he was aware of. Loved the sound with the Linns, and generally felt that if indeed NAD had THAT many problems, they wouldn't be in business, so we took the plunge. Really like the remote too -- clean and easy to use.

So far, we've really enjoyed this system. Hope this helps. Enjoy your search!!!

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I have also been considering purchasing Linn speakers, Katans for front and also the big center channel. Love the way they sound, so detailed and accurate, and they are gorgeous speakers. I am glad to hear they mate well with the NAD receivers as I just purchaed a 753 model. My question to you is about the Unik speakers. I have not been able to listen to them in person. Give me some more specific feedback on these, ie., how do they sound, do you have them on the wall or on stands. Also, what did you pay for them per pair?

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I ended up buying a NAD T763 even though I was concerned about the noise/hum problem being discussed on the Receiver group. I had a NAD about 20 years ago and really liked it. I didn't know how well the NAD matched with the Linns, but I love the Linn Katans in my bedroom stereo matched with the Linn Classik receiver. I had auditioned the Paradigm Reference series, which were also good, but I love the look of the Linns (cherry finish). I ended up matching the T763 with Katan L/R and surround, Linn Trikan center, and Linn Sizmik 10.25 sub. I hooked it up this weekend and watched the "Hell Unleashed" scene in Gladiator. The sound was incredible. I did want to see if the T763 had noise if the movie was paused. I could hear slight noise in the L/R channels if I put my ear directly on the speaker, but I couldn't hear it 2 feet away. I don't know if this is the noise everyone is talking about or not, but I can't hear it unless I'm right on the speaker.

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Mark - I honestly didn't know much about the Unik speakers, but the guy at the A/V shop recommended them. I believe they have the same tweeter as the Ninka's and the Katan. I really didn't now what to expect out of a rear speaker, but they seem to handle the rear sound quite well -- plus, I really like the looks of them (very stylish/clean looking in black). I have them mounted on the back wall with the Linn brackets, which have a clever design making it easy to install and adjust the speakers. Like I said, I'm hardly an A/V specialist, and didn't know what to expect, but I'm very pleased with these little fellas -- like the other Linn speakers the sound seems very clean and smooth. Really pleased with this whole set up!!!
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