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I just took possession of a nice collection of records and a BSR McDonald record player from my mother. I brought it along with me upon my return to college, but unfortunately every record I play will skip. I have a few questions regarding this situation.

First off, I know I need to clean the records, but where I am (central PA) no one seems to carry any record cleaning fluid. I have called over 25 stores, none of which can be of any help. Should I order some through the internet? If I should, what type is the best to use?

Secondly, I have questions about the controls on the side. What is dual-action anti skate and what should I have it set on? There is another switch that can be set to either 30|18, 25|10, or 17|7. Any help on to the function of this switch would be much appreciated as well.

Ultimately, I am just interested in playing records without skippage. Dual-function anti-skate is set to 3 and the other switch is at 17|7.

I understand this is an extremely lengthly post by an extreme newbie. Feel free to send me an email if you'd like. Any response or the post of a helpful web address would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm afraid I don't know anything about the deck, but you can buy the BSR's manuals from which should describe all the functions on the deck.

Record skipping is less likely a result of dirty records (though they contribute) and more likely a result of setup. Obviously, really dirty records will cause skipping, but if it happens a lot on any record you play, then it's more likely the player needs correct setting up than the records need cleaning, worthwhile though this is.

To check if the anti-skate is correct, if the deck has a manual mode, place a record with a large lead-out groove on the platter and spin up. Cue the arm so the cartridge lands between the grooves in the lead-out part. The cartridge should stay put and be caught up by the groove and drop in. If the cartridge moves either way (toward or away from the centre spindle), then the anti-skate needs adjusting, for which you need to look in the manuals since I haven't heard of this dual-function anti-skate.

On the subject of cleaning records, one of the best home kits is Permaclean from Milty. You should be able to get a hold of this off the 'net.


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I have well over 3000 LPs. I use cold water and mild hand soap. Most of my records I never have to clean. chances are if a record is dirty with finger prints, food and coffee, it's also probably scratched too. and you cant remove scratches. If you use the anti skating test described above it may result in an inaccurate setting because the most extreme inward torque is close to the center. skating also may result from too little stylus pressure. when you get down to a gram or less skating can often occur because there is not enough pressure to hold the stylus in the groove. try increasing your stylus pressure. the calibration on the antiskating often matches your stylus pressure. you can probably go up to 4 grams and never damage a record. but max stylus pressure depends on the stylus specs. they never had antiskating until they developed cartridges that could track at a gram or less. some track at 1/2 gram.

take the turntable apart and study the mechanics.

hope this helps
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