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Hi folks -

Please bare with me as I wasn't sure where to post. I don't have a "system" but what I do have is a problem with my setup.

I've got a Sanyo DS27800 27" stereo TV. I have a Hughes DirecTV system via s-video and composite sound and a Pioneer DVD player via composite a/v.

I have an AudioLink Powerlink ne+level+converter line level converter being fed from the TV's speakers and exiting out the back. From there, I have composite jacks run to an Altec Lansing woofer/2-sat system marketed for PC's. The composite from the converter to the speaker system is fed into a jack (like for the old pc sound card inputs/outputs ) then into the sub. From there, it's amp'd and the two sats come from the sub box/amp. I do still have stereo seperation.

My problem is I get this smooth static every now and then. It's not loud; you can only hear it when the volume is down low. It seems to be triggered by certain types of pictures, sometimes when the menu for the DTV is displayed it'll hiss, then stop hissing when the menu clears. Stuff like that... It'll hiss during one scene then stop when the program changes to another scene. I've moved cords around, etc and can't get it to stop. It does it with the Hughes and the Pioneer, but I've never noticed it with antenna input (don't watch it much as I don't get channels clear via antenna).

The gains on the converter are turned up about 3/4 to 4/5 I guess. The sound quality is good, but I don't know where to start for this hissing. I can't detect the sound from the TV's speakers, but it may just be undetetable until it's amplified via the Altec system

Any thoughts on what else I can do or what causes this?

I know this isn't a big fancy system but it's mine and I like it... it's just the right amount of added sound - just got a small little glitch.

Oh yeah - I know you may recommend the audio outputs, but I need the volume tied to the TV b/c the speaker system has no remote (remember, it was designed for a PC) and I don't want to fool with a receiver, etc. This was inexpensive and most of all, takes up little space.
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