AVR for Sunfire C Grand


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Hi all. I'm new here this is a great site, information with philosophical banter. I know I'll be engaging in the fray, but for now...
I have (4) KEF 104/2's, (2) original 23" end table HSU subs and a Sunfire C Grand. My RV 2092 is dead or let's say no place to add $'s. I need some suggestions on:

1 Matching an AVR or Pre/pro to my Sunfire for 50/50 music/HT.
2.Center speaker that would work well with the 104's

Thanks, in advance, to all who post and special thanks to: (John A, G Stern, Hawk, Stone, R Barnes, J Vigne, Kegger and others) you guys are walking talking textbooks of A/V knowledge over the last 50 years.
I have 1948 PB Turntable AM/FM Combo with I believe is the first matching external speaker cabinet. I love this stuff! SS and Tube

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Just checked in Any suggestions fellas?

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Suggestions? Just say if you had this stuff and you wanted to update/use/utilize your existing stuff/my stuff.. What would you do? Just curious... Greg

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sunfier grand cinem is amazing!!!
but costs
if you can get a bargain i would say they are worthed but not at retail price!!!

ghud, repost in the speaker's threads. You will get responses
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