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Hey guys (Oops. And gals),
How good are the DACs in the T763 versus the T533 or even the C542? Just trying to figure which type of hook up to use for optimal audio playback.

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I have the NAD T752 and I do not like it's DACS. The DACS on the NAD AV's for stereo listening sound funky to me.

I bought Kimber Hero interconnects for my C541 to T752 and it sounds excellent. I probably would have gotten similiar results with say a Kimber PBJ cable (one line lower). Even with my Pioneer 563a playing in 2 channel I prefer the analog section of the Pioneer.

Try listening via analog for a while then switch to the digital out (which will use the receiver DAC). Then decide for yourself which is better. If you like the analog better you could try getting some good interconnects to improve on the sound.

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Here's the way to answer your question for sure. Hook your system up both ways and listen. You decide instead of someone else.


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The analog section of the C542 will blow away the DACs in the NAD AV receivers. With the T533, it may be closer, but my money's still on the dedicated player.

The DACs in the NAD receivers are very competent for home theater (as applicable to DD and DTS), but rubbish for stereo music sources. I really don't know why...seems pretty screwy to me. Tonally imbalanced, lacking detail, and without musicality -- not nice.

I was using a cheap changer with a digital connection (the DACs in the changer were even worse than the NAD), but I eventually had to purchase a dedicated player (C521BEE, incidentally) because it was obvious that this source issue was the weak link in my system. Now I'm happier.

Of course, you must agree with your own ears....


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I have the NAD 773 (same DACs as 763??) with a 7 yr old Marantz CD player. I think CDs sound better via the analog connection. I was a little surprised to find that the DACs in an old mid-level CD player sound better than those in a new higher-end receiver.
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