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hi all its my first post ive been trying to pick a reciever. my budget is 450.00 i like the panasonic sahe200k for 346.99 7.1 130watts etc.but i have not seen anyone talking about it.can panasonic be taken seriously? all ive seen is a little info on there old model sahe100k but not enough. please help. the other model i was looking at is pioneer vsxd811k for 286.00. ive seen some reviews about it,but it is a little older than panasonic less power. any input on these models would help me out alot. other chioces were denon avr 1803 and onkyo tx-sr600 but wuold like to stay in the budget thats why i chose the above two first so if you experts could help me out i would be greatful. thank you......barbiegirl

If you want to stay in your budget go with the pioneer 811, to me its a better machine, and if you look around at other reviews, people love it. You get all the up to date decoding at a reasonable price. If you want to go up a little further, look at the Denon or even the Pioneer ELite 41TX

I believe I saw that the 130Watts on the he200 is into 6 Ohms, but you can look it up. Most receivers seem to specify the power into 8 Ohms. So the panasonic will have less power into 8 Ohms.

The Panasonic he200 looks good, but I didn't know about it until after I already bought my receiver so I haven't looked up much on it.

other receivers in the <$500 range:
Onkyo SR600
Denon 1803
Pioneer 811s
Kenwood 6070

hi the pioneer elite 41 is not tx but is it better than the 811 how much older is it? saw it for $424.00 online any input please......thanks ...barbiegirl

hi all can anyone answer my post please regaurding the units please.

Please take a look at the Kenwood VR-6070 thread above yours and read! Thats the best receiver in the price range you want! It retails for 600 but you can price match it locally for less if you can or just pick it up at . They are an offical Kenwood online retailer and they are selling it for $406.00. you cant beat it for the price and it does everything.. THX, and all DD formats and DTS 6.1 discreat.

Oh let me add it also has 8 channel pre-outs for future upgrading plus ya could use the rear center pre-out to hook up to an older receiver and power the 6th channel rear center left and right so you could have 2 rear center speakers insted of just one single rear center speaker.

Also in the Sound and vision's November issue they reveiwed the Kenwood VR-6070 and gave it great marks and said that it sent out a clear 92 WATTS per channel in 6.1 listening.

I found the Pioneer VSX-D811S for $348. I hope this helps.

Infinitech Systems has Pioneer VSX-D811S for $287 and $21 shipping from NJ to CA. Search for D811S on their home page.

I was looking for a receiver and had narrowed my choices down to the Kenwood VR-6070, the Pioneer VSX-D811S, and the Onkyo TXSR-600, all available for $450 or under.

After a lot of thought on my part, as well as some rather extensive online research, I decided to go with the VR-6070. I ordered it from , a Kenwood Dealer, for $428 delivered.

As for Panasonic, I can't comment on the particular model you're looking at (...though I DO remember seeing some positive comments about it online); but I can tell you that I owned Panasonic equipment back in my college days and was always pleased with the performance for the price.

I was in the same situation as you (sub $500 for a receiver and I wanted the latest decodings--DD EX and DTS ES). I ended up buying the Onkyo SR600. I felt that it did a very good job in both music and home theater (HT). I didn't find out about the Panasonic receiver until I had bought my Onkyo. But all my old Panasonic equipment has done fine for many, many years. Other receivers such as the Sony ES, Yamaha, Integra, Harman Kardon, etc are nice, but are not in the price range with the feature set I wanted.

Always make sure that the receiver can drive your speakers. I've seen several posts about people's receivers turning off because of over driving the receiver. That's probably the first thing that one should do--if the receiver can't drive your speakers, then it's of no use.

I personally will most likely never use pre-outs and a separate amplifier, so features like that didn't weight strongly in my decision. I don't need a phono input. Other than the music and HT performance, here's what I wrote about what I liked on the SR600:

CNET likes the SR600 and Pioneer so far in their reviews:

Also, the Nov or Dec 2002 Consumer Reports has a review of some receivers (all less than $650) including the Kenwood 6060, Onkyo SR600, Pioneer 811s and some others not mentioned above.

Baby, get a DENON. Only!
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