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(i posted the same question in the TV section, but hoping to get some suggestions from here)


Here is the scenario. My TV has a DVI connector and my DVD has DVI connector (yeah, Samsung). So a direct connection from DVD to TV using DVI is obvious.

But what if I add a A/R (like Marantz SR8300 or NAD T733), how can I connect my TV and DVD through the A/R? From my understanding these A/R do not have DVI connections.

What feature specifically would i loose if I just keep my current connection (DVD directly to TV using DVI?) without going through A/R?


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If you want to connect to your receiver to control everything you will have to use the compnent outputs from the dvd player to the receiver. Then the receiver would pass the video to the HDTV via component video connections.

Personally I think the very slight convenience in dvd to receiver connection is overwhelmed by the better video performance of the direct video connection from the dvd players DVI to the HDTV DVI port. First, there is an improvement in DVI connection, but there is likely an even bigger improvement in not passing it through your receiver unnecessarily. The receiver circuitry can only degrade the video signal, unless you had an expensive receiver with Faroudja chipsets or other video doubling chipsets, which I sincerely doubt either of the above receivers have.

I would connect the dvd player to the HDTV via DVI and connect the DVD player to the receiver for the audio.

You will get your best performance with the equipment you have this way.

The only gain you would get by connecting everything to the receiver is not using the dvd remote. Those two receivers can only degrade the video, they have no features to improve it.


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Thanks Gregory.
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