Decisiontime: Nad 763 or Arcam 250?


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The background:
- Looking for receiver <$1500
- 4 ohms Totem Arros speakers
- 50% music/50% HT
- Mid-sized NYC room. 18' x 20' with 11' ceilings and sheetrock/wood floors

Here's the deal... I'm renovating the apt. and want my audio cake and decorating desires too...

I was all set to get the NAD 763 but it is too big (tall) for the cabinet i want to get for my components ... The Arcam 250 fits most furniture but is something like $350 more which hurts but i could probably do. It also looks better IMO. I've also read that the Arcam isn't as stellar for HT as it is for two channel music... But NAD get raves, esp. with my arros.

So? Help...

which way too go? Is the Arcam worth the extra cash? How does it compare to the 763 (i haven't been able to demo them side by side)? Does Arcam have quality issues?


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Arcam, no question. Way better. Less noisy, better steering, better musicality. The only place the NAD wins is features, having pre-outs etc. If you want to upgrade in future the Arcam is a dead end, but in terms of sheer performance, the Arcam wins hands down.

Arcam have been coming out with some cracking products lately...


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Incidentally, if you use the extra 2 channels of the Arcam to biamp the Arros it will also give great dividends.


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The Arcam is very good. Not sure if it is better than the 763 though.

If you are interested in 'proper' bi-amping (with an electronic crossover) then the NAD 773 is the one to go for. About the same price as the Arcam, but unfortunately much bigger than the 763.

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I have the T763 and haven't heard the Arcam. I like the T763 alot but have heard raves about the Arcam. My only suggestion would be not to scrimp on money if it is a close call because you will regret it later. Otherwise, you would probably be very happy with either.

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Did you consider the Marantz 7500 / 8500?

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Agree with Frank. Arcam is better sounding for Music and every bit as good for movies. Arcam makes the best AVR's under the price of Lexicon, Sunfire and the likes. I own NAD gear and like it very much, but their AVR's are too noisy (hum etc). 1 vote for Arcam.
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