Yamaha amp crackling right channel


carson city
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I have a Yamaha AX-700u and am getting a crackling sound only out of the right channel. It is not constant but when it happens the volume tends to get higher in the right speakers and it crackles. Any advice, schematics would be helpful as I've never repaired an amplifier before.


J. Vigne
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Do you know how to read an audio amplifier's schematic?


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no, but I'll try, at the very least I can get an idea of how much I'll have to spend to get it fixed

J. Vigne
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You can often find schematics on line. Do a search engine for the schematic you are looking for. More than likely the parts cost will be minimal. Figure the labor as the majority of your final bill.


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Hi there, CC.

This is my first post to ecoustics.com. I have an AX570, same thing, only it's on the left side, and usually with lower volumes. Fiddling with the volume control usually ameliorates it. I e-mailed the seller (e-bay) and he suggested oxidation in the volume potentiometer, because the crackling occured on both cd and tuner (and I have a separate headphone amp) was the culprit. So I removed the chassis cover, took the vol pot out and sprayed with contact cleaner (there are holes in the casing that allow the fluid to enter).

Results are definitely better, but not entirely gone. When I have time I'll take it apart again and soak it in cleaner. Right now, I can usually fix it by fiddling with the knob, so it's not a huge problem. I'm also considered replacing the vol pot, but from what I read here and elsewhere, the part may not be available.

Either way, good luck.

Andy Katz
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