Cerwin vega CLSC-215's


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Has anyone heard these, they look like monsters!

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is their stuff any good? these look like they are $500 each!

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Cerwin Vega's have always been known as speakers for headbangers and heavy metal fans as they are very boomy and not detailed at all. I have never recommended them to anyone seriously interested in quality reproduction.

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Cerwin Vegas are party speakers. If you want to have a block party or something and(with a good amp) be able to hear them a mile away inside a deli, get them. If you want quality, I recommend looking elsewhere..

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I have a coupl'a pairs of Cerwin's from the 80's (HED's and 300SE's both 12" woofers) and I still use them.

P.S. They are not just for block parties they work great at field parties too ;)

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I dj with my 280SE 12" cerwin vegas.

The mids are awful and the highs don't even exist, but I replaced the piezos with a pair of Audax domes and it helped. They still sound bad, but I have to admit that I absolutely love the cerwin vega bass. I have yet to hear any speaker that makes a bass drum sound as real as my cerwin vegas do.

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I have a pair CLSC-215 and they are everything i've ever wanted and have been looking for. Before i got them i had a pair HP-215 but they lack of power in the low frequencies because they are closed boxes. But the CLSC-215 are amazing, i'm an old disco freak and i have'nt found a tune yet that has'nt lived up to my expectations when being played in these monsters. My reference is a memory i have of a professional Cerwin Vega installation at a disco in the town where i grew up. There they had two cerwin eartquake subwoofers which each were fed with one Cerwin A-500 in bridge mode. In addition to that they used 4 quite large midrange speakers driven by a GAS Ampzilla and the sound was like it was made in heaven. Actually the closest i've come to that experience ever since is after i got my CLSC-215 since they can deliver the whole range and keep control over the sound at all levels.

I can also recommend the CLSC-15SX subwoofer, i have one for my bedroom system along with a pair of JBL Control 1Xtreme. It's a bit of an odd combination but works perfect for me. I'm so happy with that configuration so i have another CLSC-15SX that is'nt unpacked yet. I intend to make a similar setup like i have in my bedrom at my computer workplace.

Well if anyone has any questions just drop me a note.

I have cerwinvega LE12's
and am interested in a cleaner sound... w/o paying a ton... I like to blame my Electronics.. a crapola Sony STR845.

Should I go with some high quallity NAD orjust wait and do everything over again oneday.

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I used AT-15's , AT-12's and a pair of, D-3's These Cerwin Vega's are all very good speakers! These speakers are good for rock and roll and work well for classical too. These speakers are put down by alot of so called audiophile's. I drove these speakers with 325 watts rms per channel, they cannot be over powered. If you have too little power the tweeter protection circuit will shut down tweeters, due to clipping, which many mistake as a problem with the speaker. In reality its the amp. ( After 5 seconds the tweeter resets itself and returns to normal operation) .Too little power is more dangerous than too much. I've played these speakers against many speakers costing 3 time's as much, the vega's sounded as good as, or better. The salesman in stores would always ask me about my system, They were always impressed with my electronics but would frown when I told them I had vega's. The vega's can be boomy but easily controlled with an EQ. Vega's have good highs and a little bit foward midrange wich is good for rock music. In the price range of vega's , you wont find a better speaker. you will never need a sub woofer thats for sure. Most speaker systems now a days almost require subs. If your going to spend 500 dollars a piece. You can pick up a pair of klipsch speakers. The Klipsch speakers are better than vega's , and are similiar in concept. The klipsch speakers in this price range will be much smaller but will be a better sounding speaker, stick with floor standing speakers. Shop around, listen to all speakers in this price range and decide for yourself. Take note that nothing will play as loud as cerwin vega"s Their spl rating is @ 102db other speaker co's are around 88-92db an increase of 3db is the same as doubling amplifier power. Only KLIPSCH will match this. By the way Cerwin Vega floor model E-710 sold at Sears was just top rated in consumer reports mag. 2 or 3 month's ago.

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I have read many posters express apparent disdain for anything made by Cerwin-Vega. I have done some searching, and I find this disdain for Cerwin-Vega is not uncommon. But the few actual examples of unpleasant experiences with Cerwin-Vega speakers were with models very different from what I have. The Cerwin-Vega company has a diverse product line, with professional speakers for concerts, theaters and studios, plus car audio speakers, in addition to home audio speakers. Even their home audio speakers are offered in several lines. Most of the reviews I have found for C-V home audio speakers have been examples from their E-series. I assume the "E" stands for economy. Cerwin-Vega, like any successful business, responds to the marketplace. There is a market for inexpensive speakers, and the E-series caters to this market where buyers are willing to compromise sound quality for a lower price. The reviews of the E-series speakers I have been found are generally favorable, but mixed.

But I do not have E-series speakers. I have Classic-series speakers. The specifications and descriptions of these gave me reason to believe that they will have superior sound quality over the E-series, and be comparable with the C-V home audio speakers I auditioned and was impressed with some years ago.

Back when I was a poor starving college student, I worked part time as a salesman at a well-known consumer electronics franchise selling among other things HiFi/Stereo. I had the opportunity to audition many speakers, and the ones that impressed me the most were the Cerwin-Vegas. Ever since, I have wanted to own Cerwin-Vegas. So when I decided I had to upgrade my home theater, and could afford some decent new speakers, I looked at the Cerwin-Vega web site and decided to base a system on their 15" powered subwoofer, the HT-S15. Since a subwoofer would take care of the bass, I figured I only needed bookshelf size speakers for the rest of the system: Cerwin-Vega CLSC-6C center and CLSC-6 for L/R front (6" 2-way). Typically for C-Vs, they are very efficient, so I can make the most out of the 50 Watts from my H/K DPR 1001 receiver. I went a little cheap for the surround and multi-room speakers with the JBL E10 (but mainly because they are wall-mounted). They are not quite as efficient as the C-Vs, but work well in my system and the DPR lets me balance the sound levels.

My experience with these speakers in my living room has been most pleasant. In 2.0 stereo mode, I can get more sound volume than I can stand before I hear any distortion, but this is not a big room. The main standard for comparison I use is my Koss headphones, and I can't hear any significant coloration or distortion from the speakers in comparison with the headphones.

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