Elite - VSX-56TXi, dealer is pushing the DENON3805??


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I have my speakers figured out and I am ready to buy, but my dealer is wanting me to buy the dennon3805 receiver rather than the Pioneer Elite - VSX-56TXi, he say it is a far superior receiver and he says to go with the denon DVD player rather than the elite also and they sell both brands so what do you think?

He says the Denon DVD3910S DVD player is better than the 59AVi Pioneer Elite DV59AVi ?

I thought I had it all figured out but I also want to get the best product.
Any help?


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or should I save a bundle and get this onkyoSR801
I see a few guys talking about?
is it just as good?

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i would stick with the first 2 over the onkyo. As for the denon being superior to the elite, that i am not sure, haven't heard the denon, but the elite is amazing.

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Although the Pioneer kit may be excellent, the dealer really has nothing to gain by recommeding the Denon combo especially since he sells both (unless kickbacks are involved). So his advice might be worth heeding. I have the Denon DVD-2900 paired with a Marantz SR-7300. Different of course to an all Denon rig but the 2900 is absolutely superb.

If he has both, why not listen and make your own evaluation for sound and for options?


The Denon definitely has better DACs if that mens anything.

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My Rantz, actually the dealer could have something to gain.

First of all not all brands get marked up and down the same, so the profit margin may be higher on some models or lines than others, thus the sales person could make more one particular piece.

Secondly from time to time brands, reps, or stores may run contests and offer extra incentives for moving particular pieces. We used to call them spiffs. A sales person could pick up an extra $25-$75 on an item.

Third, you always sell what you have in stock. If you are out of Pioneer, but you have Denon, you sell what you Denon. If both pieces meet the customers needs, and the quality is very similar, you aren't necessarily being dishonest. You can't sell what you don't have.

Terry, just like consumers, sales people have their own preferences and prejudices. We all have reasons for buying the brands we buy. Sometimes its value, sometimes its benefits, sometimes its cachet, or a combination of any of the above. In December I had a long time audio store manager/installer tell me that Yamaha had the most user friendly remotes, followed by Denon, and that Pioneers remotes were not user friendly. Today I had an audio store owner in my home helping me with a speaker demo who told me he didn't carry Yamaha because the remotes were too complicated for most people, that he liked Denon and pioneer. One reason I chose the Pioneer Elite vsx-54 was because I thought the remote was the most intuitive of the 3.

I like the 56 over the 3805 fro several reasons. USB and Firewire connectivity first and foremost. The power supply weighs over 16 pounds. Mosfet amplification- I find mosfet power very smooth. The 56 was designed with the concept of bi-amping the front speakers in mind. It is a very simple procedure clearly explained in the owners manual. I have read where some who are bi-amping with the 3805 have run into difficulites. The 56 has big capacitors!! (I am not trying to compensate for something, No really, I am not!!!)

Anonymous -- I am not sure that the Denon has better DACs. I believe the 3805 uses hammerhead sharcs, while the 56 (but not my beloved 54) uses a combo of sharcs and DACs developed by Texas Intruments (or is it Motorola) in conjunction with Pioneer.

All of that to say, I chose the Elite, but I could have been very happy with the 3805. It is a great receiver. I believe it has more digital inputs than the Elite. I must say that the Denon remote looks very cool, but the elite's is much easier for me to use. And I am realistic enough about myself to know that I use the heck out of my remotes.

Enjoy -

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You're right on the money and pretty much said it all. Nice post......


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Thank-you for your time everyone!

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a/v receivers,which one? I have a Carver AV-806X ampifier, which reecivers do you suggest with this amp.

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I have a Carver AV-806X amp.any suggestion on which A/V receivers to use on with this amp?
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