Trouble with my new VR-6070



Just bought a Kenwood VR-6070. Sounds great!

I have set it up and calibrated it and it works fine except...

I have hooked up an optical digital audio cable from the out of my Panasonic DVD-A115 DVD player to my VR-6070. DD 5.1 works fine. But I cannot get the receiver to recognize a DTS signal coming out of my DVD player. I set the audio signal to DTS on the DVD menu and I get no sound. The receiver does not recognize a DTS signal. Any ideas what is going on here?

I checked the manual and there doesn't seem to be a setting I have done wrong. I changed the input mode from digital manual to full auto. That didn't work either. Help if you can.



TO: Danny Meltzer

Please contact Kenwood Electronics Corporation Technical Support SITE via this website link:

in regards to your challenge with DTS detection and decoding.

Please let me know the response you get, as well as a real workable solution in your case.

best regards, Michael

Danny, is the a way to set the outputs of your DVD to different signalling formats? For instance, I have a JVC unit and once I am playing a DVD, I can switch back and forth between the DTS or Dolby mode of the movie. But this is from the movie menu. If I want to change the output format that the DVD sends out to the receiver, I have to stop the movie, then hit the menu key, and then I can select the following, Dolby/PCM, Stream/PCM, or PCM only. Check your unit because this could be your problem in that you do not have the right output format for streaming the digital data out of the DVD player that the 6070 is looking for. I have mine set to Stream/PCM and I get both DTS and Dolby on auto detect now. The Dolby/PCM would not allow the DTS mode to be detected nor decoded properly.

Michael and Jeffrey,

THANKS! I figured it out.

Jeffrey it was you who pointed me in the right direction. I was not aware there were hardware settings on my DVD player for what TYPE of digital audio it output. I found a secret menu when no disc was inserted that had a setting for "DTS off/on". Why would someone want it off? Does it hurt anything? Seems like a weird setting to have.

Anyway thanks very much.


Tim P
Some processors not equipped with DTS decoding sees the DTS stream as noise, and noise at a high volume at that. So for those people having the DTS off at the DVD player can save themselves from a rude and very loud awakening if by chance a DTS stream is accidently chosen.
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