Outlaw audio amps


Are these any good? ive been looking at the 755 5-channel one. looks pretty good! was thinking of getting their 950 processor too.. what do you guys think?

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Just recently purchased a 950 processor back in January from a recommendation off this board. It is a very solid unit. My requirements did not call for the latest and greatest in processing modes just clean sound. In my opinion it sounds great! I upgraded from a pre-amp (circa 1995) that converted everything coming in to digital and the sound performance of the 950 compared to my older unit is much better to these ears. I did not need to purchase the amps, however, I've heard very good statements about their ability to drive speakers that are known to have a difficult load.

That is only my opinion hopefully someone else will chime in with a good or bad view. If all else fails they really stand by their 30-day no questions asked return policy. Your probably best served listening to the equipment in your room and making the final decision from there.

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I do not own Outlaw, but have heard a number of combinations of amps/mono blocks and speakers.
These amps are industrial strength.
Built for 4 ohm/ happy with 2 ohm, for the mono's.
The 5 and 7 channel amps will supply enough power to heat your home.
No fuss, no muss, just find the 88oz magnets to eat the power, nice and clean.
The system I heard last month had mono's running magnapan 7 foot models, and the power was something you could feel in your heart.
Check out Outlaw, ask around, and try the money back tryout.
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