Thoughts on the Arcam CD73?


I'm looking for a decent CD player to compliment my NAD T753 and Paradigm Studio 60s. I've auditioned the NAD CD models and an Arcam CD73. Of them, I preferred the Arcam. Anyone have any experience with this unit? Any alternate suggestions? Thanks.

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I would pick Arcam over NAD, as well.

I have an Arcam CD92T and I am very happy with it. Not the same model, but Arcam is known for excellent sounding CD players that are built very well. An added bonus to the CD73 is that you can upgrade it to the more recent version of what I own, CD93.

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You have a very high quality CD player in the Arcam--I highly recommend it. As for alternatives, I can really think of only one--the Music Hall CD-25. It is a very nice player that will give detail like the Arcam and costs a bit less. If you are willing to spend more than the Arcam, consider the Rega Planet.

A different approach was suggested yesterday by a friend. There really are a few opportunities open if I am looking to spend for an Arcam CD73.
1. I have a recent model Sony DVD w/ digital out. I could use that as the transport and continue to rely on the onboard NAD T753 DAC (which is what I am doing now).

2. I could spring for a dedicated DAC and use the Sony as transport and the NAD as amp only.

3. I could procure something like the Arcam.

Any thoughts? I am relatively new at this; education is appreciated. Is it reasonable to persist the Sony as a transport? I have not yet compared the sound from the Sony using its DAC with that produced by use of the NAD. Need to do that, I know, though if using the NAD T753 produces sound anything like the NAD CD players, I know I will prefer the NAD over the Sony onboard DAC (I've compared the Sony DVD and the NAD CD players before).


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The most obvious choice is 1. You may be able to arange an in in home trial with the Arcam (or other cd player). That will allow you to compare the NAD onboard conversion vs a dedicated CD player.

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From my personal experiance with a NAD762 with an old Sony DVPS3000 and a Pioneer DV563A the anolog inputs sound much better then the digital inputs for CD audio. For this reason I am also considering the same models you are for a stand alone cd player. Mainly for their improved analog sections over most DVD/Uni players.

I dont know if it's because of the NAD's direct mode for 2 channel anolog that it sounds so much better then the digital inputs or if there is something wrong with NAD's DACs. I have seen other posts from NAD owners on various forum stating that the analog inputs were superior sounding. So I know its not just me/my unit.

So with a NAD reciever I would go with option #3. You should definetly try the analog conection from your sony to see for your self.
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