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Aloha all. I recently stumbled upon this offering from Onix of England. I was drawn to it because of it's striking similarities to both the Music Hall CD-25 and the Shanling S-100. Turns out they are the same machine. Only differnce is faceplate and price. AV123 is selling the Onix for $399.00 which would be a STEAL but.......if your a member of Home Theatre Talk you get a 25% discount bringing the cost to you down to a mere $299.00
Imagine buying a Music Hall CD-25 for UNDER 300.00? Can't find a USED one for that price, let alone a new one. I bought one and it's pretty dang good for the $$. HDCD is wonderfull. Still not vinyl, but getting REAL close. Here's the link for all you monetary deficient types out there looking for high end at affordable prices. Good listening.

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Thanks for the post. I have been interested in this player for a bit. Looking to replace my ageing and functionally challenged NAD C541i. The price is nice and hopefully the transport does not fail. Phillips seem to be iffy transports. Some work well some are horrible.


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Jay, I appreciate your concerns. Have heard the same rumors about the Philips transports. However, there are an awfull lot of Shanling S-100's; Music Hall CD-25's and Usher Cd players out there. They seem to be doing fine. Knock on wood. I'll let you know if mine has reliability issues. So far it's flawless.

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